Kailyn Lowry Reacts To Farrah Abraham Selling Her Own DNA

Kailyn Lowry may not understand her co-stars’ decisions all the time, including Leah Calvert’s decision to take strong medications to deal with her stress, and Jenelle Evans’ decision to have a baby with a fairly new partner, but Kailyn tends to keep her thoughts to herself. Maybe Lowry doesn’t want to start any fights by sharing her thoughts with the world.

However, Kailyn Lowry knows that Farrah Abraham is the one Teen Mom star that everyone is talking about. She is always getting herself into some trouble. And apparently, Abraham’s newest business venture has people wondering whether she is really as smart as she claims she is. And this weekend, Lowry shared her simple reaction.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now reacting to her Teen Mom star’s decision to sell her own DNA as part of a business move. Apparently, Farrah believes that people actually want to own her DNA thanks to her famous sex tape and her role as a teenage-mother-gone-porn-star. Even though she denies being a porn star, she sure is cashing in on this persona.

“Omg,” Kailyn Lowry simply wrote as a reaction to the DNA story, with another person adding, “She is the most delusional person I’ve ever seen!”

Kailyn doesn’t understand why someone would want to sell DNA as part of a business plan. Lowry is busy setting up her own business ventures, and DNA is probably not a part of it. Instead, Lowry has been selling t-shirts and children’s clothing. As for Farrah, it makes sense to her to sell her DNA.

“When my daughter Sophia had to get a DNA test it changed her life and created a better future for her,” Abraham has revealed about her decision, adding, “I hope my legacy can change the world for younger generations and save them from sex trafficking for a brighter future. I’m proud to be an abolitionist, working with Celebrity Gene on this DNA project I hope will help raise funds to change the world for the better!”

There is a long way between a clothing business and then selling DNA. But it sounds like Kailyn Lowry would prefer to just keep her thoughts to herself. Was it a shocking business move? Yes, absolutely. Could this backfire on her because DNA is so powerful? Yes, absolutely. According to the Inquisitr, Lowry has been working on her own business ventures, and one can imagine that her own DNA has nothing to do with it. Maybe Kailyn is more concerned about the welfare of her own children than making money by any means possible.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s honest reaction to this bad business move?

[Image via Instagram]