Whitney Bischoff Accused of Using Fame To Get Free Hockey Playoff Tickets?

Whitney Bischoff may be trying to move on from her split with Chris Soules these days, but she isn’t moving far away from The Bachelor franchise. Over the past couple of days, she has been hanging out with two of Soules’ ex flings, including Becca Tilley and Kaitlyn Bristowe. These were Chris’ last three choices on The Bachelor.

However, it sounds like Whitney Bischoff simply wants to move on from her failed relationship and possibly try something new. It has been rumored that Bischoff is hanging out with Nick Viall, another Bachelorette contestant, but Whitney has yet to confirm anything. It sounds like she just wants to have fun with her friends.

According to a new tweet, Whitney Bischoff is turning 30 and she only has one wish. Surprisingly, it isn’t to find love again, but she would love to get some tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks game. And Bischoff decided to let the world know on her Twitter account.

“All Kaitlyn Bristowe and I want for our 30th are 3 tix to the Blackhawks game tomorrow! Pretty please? Becca Tilley is our plus 1,” Whitney Bischoff wrote on Twitter, and while the tweet was sweet and innocent, it didn’t sit well with some people.

“Really Whitney? And so, what’s stopping your from buying them? You have a job right,” one person wrote to her, indirectly accusing her of using her famous face to get free tickets, which had Whitney reply, “I do! Sold out and happy to pay!”

It sounds like Whitney took the accusation with a smiling face and simply moved on from the conversation. No word yet on whether these girls have been able to get some tickets to the game. And while Bischoff is hanging out with some good friends in the city, Chris Soules is healing his broken heart on the farm in Iowa. He recently posted a video of the movie, Field of Dreams.

It is very interesting that Chris is by himself and Whitney Bischoff has a network of friends to fall back on for support after this split. Chris Harrison has criticized Soules for being too aggressive with the ladies, kissing almost every single contestant. According to the Inquisitr, Whitney is staying close to The Bachelor family. It is possible that Bischoff will be considered for an upcoming season of the show.

Do you think Whitney Bischoff was using her fame to get something for free? Or did you think her tweet was innocent?

[Image via Instagram]