Susan Sarandon: Boyfriend, 37, Bonds With Susan, 68, As Melissa McCarthy Dishes On Their ‘Tammy’ Movie [Video]

Susan Sarandon is together again with her boyfriend. And for 68-year-old actress Sarandon and her 37-year-old ping-pong business entrepreneur pal Jonathan Bricklin, age differences are meaningless, reported Us Weekly.

Roaming around the Big Apple together, observers said that Bricklin and Susan stayed close together. Sarandon had once said that they were consciously uncoupled, but it appears that now they’re coupled again.

“They seemed very much in love,” shared an observer. “There is a real bond between them…. She introduced him to me as her boyfriend.”

In addition, insiders said that Jonathan and Susan remain bonded.

“Their relationship is pretty much the same as it always was, beyond the fact that they said they split up, they still hang out all the time and hook up.”

As to how the 68-year-old Sarandon met her boyfriend, it was in Chile. That was five years ago, and the duo now are co-founders and co-owners of SPiN, which combines entertainment lounge concepts with ping-pong games.

Susan previously was with Tim Robbins for more than two decades. They had a 12-year age difference, compared to Sarandon’s 37-year-old age gap with Bricklin.

However, the actress feels that age is meaningless, she told Hello.

“It’s the soul of a person that interests me. When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer holds any importance.”

Susan was married to Chris Sarandon for 12 years before becoming a couple with Tim Robbins. She has three children, and emphasized that her relationship with her current boyfriend is unusual.

“We don’t live under the same roof,” explained Susan. “We’re not an ordinary couple.”

And at 68, Sarandon looked too good to play the role of Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother, reported People.

Working together on Tammy, Melissa and Susan encountered an unusual problem.

“Susan looks too good [and] seems to be glowing from within,” fretted the crew about the disconnect between the stereotypical grandmother and Sarandon’s appearance.

To help, producers assigned specialists to make fake ankles so that Susan’s legs wouldn’t look so fabulous.

And Sarandon isn’t the only actress in Hollywood who is impressing her co-stars and producers with their forever-young bodies and minds. As the Inquisitr reported, Jane Fonda recently revealed how she stays fit and fabulous at 76.

Now in what she considers her “third act” of life, Fonda advocates exercise for everything from getting over break-ups with boyfriends to looking young.

“I believe in fitness. Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you’ve been exercising or just starting. It’s important. Maybe the most important thing in having a successful, long life.”

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