Kids In Auto Repair Shop: Parents Made 5 Children Live In Filthy Auto Repair Shop

Authorities arrested a pair of Georgia parents who allegedly kept their kids in an auto repair shop. Five children in all were made to live in a filthy auto repair shop after they were moved in there. The shop was a place of employment for the parents, but they left their children behind at the end of the day when they drove home from work, the New York Daily News reports.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports in more detail on the bizarre story. Dennis Carlton Thomas and Ashley Ann Thomas were arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for letting the children live in the garage for several days, according to their arrest warrants. The children’s ages are one, two, three, 13, and 14.

Conditions surrounding the five kids left in the auto repair shop were documented in the warrants.

“The children were observed with multiple insect bites, filthy clothes, and had not bathed in days. Upon checking the refrigerator, (a police officer) observed old, moldy food. The toilet was unclean and unusable due to feces all over the seat and floor.”

In May, the Thomas couple called Marietta police and requested assistance due to their lack of finances in finding a place to live. They also needed food for the children, police say. When authorities referred them to a local charitable group, they allegedly denied help.

The kids who were left in the filthy auto repair shop are in protective custody. Both parents were released from jail after posting $1,000 each.

It’s unclear why the children were left in the auto repair shop to fend for themselves at the end of the day. No details were released on how the parents were associated with the mechanic’s garage they worked at. It might have been one or both parents who worked there — or owned their own business. Either way, they were desperate for cash and made some questionable choices in regards to how they were raising their children.

Living arrangements for the kids lasted at least several days. It was at the end of May that they attempted getting help from police, but rejected the charitable organization they were referred to. It seems it was just after that when the parents opted to leave their kids behind in an auto repair shop.

There wasn’t any information in regards to what condition the five children are in, only that they’re in protective custody.

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