Viral Video Of Little Boy Twerking At Gay Pride Event Sparks Outrage

A video showing a little boy twerking at a Gay Pride rally has gone viral, and the reactions it’s attracting are passionate to say the least. Opposing Views reports that the child appeared to be very young — no older than 12-years-old, but possibly even younger. The video has sparked controversy because of the way the boy is dressed and how he is dancing, while others who were attending the event looked on with mixed reactions.

The child can be seen grinding and twerking, using very adult like moves while wearing nothing more than a pair of short denim cut-offs and a pair of shoes. At least one person can be heard encouraging the boy, as an audience grows around him to watch.

The video is only a couple of days old, but since it was shared by Opposing Views it has gotten close to 30,000 page views. In the comments section on the popular video streaming site, the reactions are ranging from shock and confusion to outright homophobic bigotry.

“This is exactly what I expect from a gay pride parade. If you pay attention you will notice that the homosexual agenda very clearly focuses on converting children to homosexuality,” said one commenter.

“Have sexual preference you want but once it leaves the bedroom and starts influencing children it’s time for you to be gassed,” another commenter said.

“Being gay is a disorder,” reads another comment.

The reactions on Facebook aren’t much better than the ones on YouTube, with many people calling for not only the arrests of the parents, but some folks are even saying the child needs to be punished harshly. There is no doubt that people are reacting passionately to the video of the child twerking, but some are also condoning it and blaming the public outrage on homophobia and prejudice.

While this child twerking video is going viral and inspiring outrage, it’s certainly not the first video to surface online showing children in inappropriate situations. Last year a video went viral that showed a young tot cursing up a storm, and it too attracted a lot of anger from people from all over the country. CNN reports that the child at the center of that video ultimately ended up in the care of a foster family, along with his teen mother. As of now the identity of the boy seen in the Gay Pride event footage is not known, so there’s no telling if there will be any action taken — or if it’s even necessary.

Do you think it was appropriate for this young boy to twerk and dance the way he was in the video?

[Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video]

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