Matilda, The Alien-Looking Cat, Is Taking Over The Cosmos

Matilda, the alien-looking cat, is taking over the cosmos. Well, maybe just social media, as she has over 30,000 Instagram followers already. She is an unusual-looking feline with large, glassy eyes that give her the appearance of the stereotypical alien, according to the Mirror. She has a fan following on Instagram, where some followers even drew pictures of her, such as fittingly taking off in a spacecraft.

She was born in a small town in a hoarder’s home and a rescue group quickly scooped her up two years ago. She was adopted out and, shortly after her first birthday, she had an enlarged pupil in her right eye for a short time and sometimes had squinty eyes.

The empress cat even has a website that says the rest of her family are her servants. Her loving family tried to find out what was wrong with her eyes. After visiting various veterinarians, Matilda was diagnosed with feline leukemia. Her owners found out that the rescue group had lost their contact information after moving offices and had been trying to reach them. As it turned out, other cats in the same litter had developed a mysterious eye condition, according to the Daily Mail.

Matilda Looking Out Window, Photo Courtesy Instagram
Matilda Looking Out Window, Photo Courtesy Instagram

It turned out that she did not have feline leukemia. Instead, she had a condition in which her right and left lenses have spontaneously detached. Because of a deficiency in collagen, she also has difficulty recuperating from wounds and surgeries. Unfortunately, the condition led to a progressive vision loss, and Matilda is now blind. But she is not in pain and doesn’t have glaucoma. Her “servants”– aka owners — have decided against invasive surgery that had little likelihood of success. They said the following, according to the Daily Mail.

“After much discussion and consideration, The Lady and The Bearded Man [Matilda’s comical names for themselves] decided with the veterinary ophthamologist’s support that we would let Matilda’s eyes do what they naturally would, and would not intervene with a traumatic surgery that did not appear to be helpful [sic].”

She requires ongoing medicine for her eyes, but they ultimately will probably have to be removed. The owners have started a GoFundMe page to raise money for her ongoing care. A link to her website, which tells her saga is here. Her GoFundMe page can be found here.

But no matter what, her owners love their unique feline and have stated the following according to the Mirror.

“No matter what happens, her servants think she’s perfect and beautiful and will love and care for her the absolute best way that they can for however long this little alien is here.”

Cats are often beloved pets, such as Matilda. In another setting, inmates and cats are helping each other at the Pendleton Correctional facility in Indiana. A dozen shelter cats are part of a program where inmates take turns caring for the feline residents. They feed them, brush them, pet them, and clean their space. The cats play with the inmates while leaping on their cat trees. It’s a win-win situation, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photos Courtesy GoFundMe and Instagram]

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