WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Could Make His Long-Awaited Return At ‘Raw’ On Monday

The world is awaiting the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE television, and they may not have to wait much longer. After about a month of reports giving different return dates for the “Beast Incarnate” and his manager Paul Heyman, there may be a bit more confirmation. Even with Money In The Bank happening this evening, the focus is on tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw as that is when Lesnar may come back.

Even though Lesnar is not being advertised by WWE for television until June 22, the rumors are that he could show up as soon as tomorrow night.

Cleveland is actually reporting that he will be appear on Raw tomorrow night when it takes places, where else, Cleveland. Tonight’s Pay-Per-View takes place in Columbus and Raw will take place at The Q in Cleveland.

There has been no confirmation from WWE, Paul Heyman, Lesnar, or really anyone, but that’s kind of what the company wants. They want everyone to think he will appear so that they will tune in and make ratings jump.

If he doesn’t show up, then the fans will be a little upset, but then they will just tune into Raw the next week as well.

Should Lesnar show up as rumored tomorrow night, then the fans will go absolutely nuts. It will cause a huge stir on social media and word will spread ever so quickly to get people to turn over to Raw if they aren’t watching already.

A lot of talk lately has been about Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 and who he may face and what could happen. Sure, that’s an interesting topic to discuss, but that is still so far away and there are no plans really even in the works yet for it.

The talk is right now and Brock Lesnar has been off of WWE television since being “indefinitely suspended” by The Authority back in early April. One has to wonder what kind of storyline will be used to write him back in, but it’s rumored to be some type of “major angle.”

Tonight, all talk will be on Money In The Bank and there could be a number of surprises, shocks, and huge happenings. Rumors state that Brock Lesnar could show up as soon as this evening, but WWE may want to wait until the entire world is watching and not just those on the WWE Network. With that, be prepared for Raw tomorrow night as Lesnar could be back.

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