WWE Rumors: ‘Money In The Bank’ Could Bring Lots Of Surprises – Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns

WWE is preparing to present Money In The Bank to the world this Sunday, and it could bring about some big-time surprises.

It’s looking like a stacked card, but there are rumors flying around that even more things could end up happening. Some are far-fetched, but others seem quite feasible and here is what could come about in a few days.

brock lesnar money in the bank surprise

One of the biggest rumors is that Brock Lesnar could show up on Sunday at the Pay-Per-View (PPV), and get involved in some way. This involvement could be him just showing up and others think he could join the WWE Title contract ladder match and win the briefcase.

While anything is possible, it is seeming more and more likely that Lesnar will show up at Monday Night Raw the following night or one week later. Seeds may be planted on Sunday though for the “major angle” that WWE is cooking up for Lesnar.

owens cena money in the bank

Kevin Owens picked up an extremely impressive victory over John Cena last month at Elimination Chamber. Now, the rematch is set for Sunday, and some are mixed on how things should go this time around. Cena losing wouldn’t hurt him and Owens winning would do nothing but elevate him more.

Bleacher Report believes that this win may not be as clean or dominant, but Owens could still emerge victorious. This would deliver more heat on him for not just being good, but also being a dirty heel.

Of course, Samoa Joe could also make a WWE main roster appearance and cost Kevin Owens the win over John Cena. This would not only be a huge deal for fans, but it would further the Owens/Joe feud that has been started in NXT.

wwe money in the bank briefcase ladder match rumors

If Brock Lesnar doesn’t shock the world and end up in the Money In The Bank ladder match, bets are being placed on who could actually win it. First of all, there are a few names who can be eliminated right away.

Sheamus is going to need time to be Rocksteady and film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Kofi Kingston is already in the middle of a huge push with The New Day and the tag titles. Kane is just in there to add fuel to the fire with Seth Rollins, and same for Randy Orton.

Neville is still early in his WWE career, but he’s the wild card here. Dolph Ziggler has had a great push lately, but he seems destined for a feud over Lana with Rusev. Roman Reigns is truly looking for the favorite to walk out with the briefcase on Sunday.

roman reigns wwe rumors dean ambrose money in the bank

This could, in turn, lead to the long-awaited heel turn for Roman Reigns later in the night as he turns on Dean Ambrose. This would cost Ambrose the title against Seth Rollins (again), and lead to some interesting feuds.

Reigns could feud with Ambrose. Rollins could feud with a returning Lesnar. This would lead to rumors for possible SummerSlam matches coming true in the next couple of months.

No matter what happens on Sunday at Money In The Bank, it is going to be a big event with some great matches. The rumors are swirling and the surprises are going to happen, but fans are really just waiting to see some big heel turns, a lot of action, and Brock Lesnar back in the ring as soon as possible.

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