Rachel Dolezal ‘How To Be Black’ Photo: ‘My Favorite Political Picture Of The Year So Far’

Reportedly white NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal, has turned the media world, and the NAACP, upside down, leaving many scratching their heads and wondering if Ms. Dolezal is a fraud, has a psychological problem, or conversely, has a legitimate identity as a black woman and leader in the black community.

Regardless, a photo that is allegedly legitimate, and not Photoshopped, tweeted out by columnist and author, Jonah Goldberg, very much sums up the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Jonah Goldberg calls the photo, “My favorite political picture of the decade so far.”

Jonah Goldberg, recognized to have conservative leanings, and best known for his stories in the National Review Online, has received a number of responses to his picture of Rachel Dolezal-holding-the-How-To-Be-Black-book tweet, reports IJ Review.

But as mentioned earlier, Jonah Goldberg’s Twitter pic of Rachel Dolezal holding the book, How To Be Black, did have people questioning its authenticity, particularly in this day and age of Photoshop and other seemingly magical, digital tools.

And indeed the book, How To Be Black, being held by Rachel Dolezal in the Jonah Goldberg tweeted photo is available on Amazon, the satirical tome averaging a four-and-a-half-star rating after 222 reviews.

“The Onion‘s Baratunde Thurston shares his 30-plus years of expertise in being black, with helpful essays like “How to Be the Black Friend,” “How to Speak for All Black People,” “How To Celebrate Black History Month,” and more, in this satirical guide to race issues—written for black people and those who love them. Audacious, cunning, and razor-sharp, How to Be Black exposes the mass-media’s insidiously racist, monochromatic portrayal of black culture’s richness and variety. Fans of Stuff White People Like, This Week in Blackness, and Ending Racism in About an Hour will be captivated, uplifted, incensed, and inspired by this hilarious and powerful attack on America’s blacklisting of black culture: Baratunde Thurston’s How to Be Black.”

Rachel Dolezal is a professor of African-American studies at Eastern Washington University and may have used How To Be Black as a teaching tool in her classes, reports Rare.

The story of Rachel Dolezal and her racial identity are not likely to go away soon, and as a highly public figure and leader in the black community, it would not be surprising if many more photos, such as this one of Dolezal and the How To Be Black book, tweeted by Jonah Goldberg, begin to emerge.

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