Spider Bursts Out Of A Banana Just As It Was About To Be Eaten [Video]

A YouTube video captured the scary moment when a spider apparently pushes through the skin of an unpeeled banana after having been trapped inside it. Someone was about to eat the banana when the spider burst out.

As the camera zooms in on the banana, it becomes apparent that there is something struggling to escape from under the skin, and after a few seconds a spider emerges.

According to YouTube user Mngzkhuel, who uploaded the video titled, “Spider bursts out of a banana,” on June 12, 2015, he “just wanted to eat a banana” when he was confronted with the bizarre spectacle.

The footage shows movements under the skin of the banana and while we watch trying to guess what might be lurking under the banana skin, movements continue until a gap appears and legs poke out.

We See Movements Under The Skin And Legs Poke Out

And unbelievably, after some pushing and struggling to be free, and a slight pause, a spider emerges.

Spider Bursts Out Of Banana

The video is the stuff of an arachnophobe’s nightmare. It will certainly make many who are afraid of spiders to cringe in horror. It might also put some sensitive souls off bananas for some time as every banana becomes suspected of harboring a spider.

The video has gone viral online with more than one million views on YouTube alone since it was uploaded on June 12. It sparked an online debate with some alleging it was “faked.”

Those who alleged that the YouTube user contrived the appearance of a spider bursting through the skin of a banana using special 3D software argued that it is impossible for a spider to be trapped under the skin of an unpeeled banana without any evidence of how the spider got inside it in the first place.

But some YouTube users argued that it was possible that a spider laid eggs under the skin of a developing banana.

“It is still biologically possible for a spider egg to be laid inside a maturing banana fruit, and for a spider to sustain its life inside the banana.”

“Totally fake, the spider was put inside the banana.”

“Still looks way too fake.”

“CGI, clearly fake only idiots would believe this.”

“Totally fake, the spider was put inside the banana. In addition, the banana has been torn at the upper side, the slice is visible. He probably placed the spider inside the banana and just waited until she found her way out.”

“I am never eating a banana again.”

The YouTube user posted the video to Reddit, where it also sparked a debate. Some Reddit users alleged that the video is not real but CGI.

“It’s CGI…not real… And thank God for that.”

“Just to be safe still never gonna eat a banana ever again forever.”

“I figured out that it was fake when I realized the cameraman wasn’t losing his mind like me…”

Buzzfeed was finally able to contact the owner of the video, who identified himself as Kaleb Lechowski, and admitted the video is fake. He explained to Buzzfeed that he created it using special effects.

“Hi there, my name is Kaleb Lechowski. I create and animate creatures of different kinds, so check my pictures and videos.

“The banana is real. I created the video over the last three days. I used a chopstick to pierce the banana from behind. Then I removed the stick from the image and inserted a spider that I created, using Blender, the 3D software.”

Many who had sworn never to eat bananas again were relieved to learn that it is only CGI.

“Thank the omnipotent being in the sky! I was mere seconds away from never eating another banana!”

[Images: YouTube/Kaleb Lechowski]

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