Bib:Love Offers Free Sex To Female Students, Promises Better Grades

Female university students in Germany who are feeling stressed out and potentially receiving bad grades because of that stress can now use a service known as “Bib: Love” to help relieve their stress through free one-night stands.

The program was started by three University of Mannheim students who thought offering a “stress free environment” to students would be a great service and the benefits for those men is obvious.

The “company” promises “Good Grades through Good Sex” and while most students find the entire idea silly, perhaps even stupid, at least a few female students have agreed to give the service a try with decent results.

One female says she had “no complaints” about the service that was offered.

Bib:Love says of its service:

f”We are focusing on female students in particular, because they generally come out badly after one-night stands. What’s more, girls who just want to have some fun are often labeled as sluts.”

Not everyone is buying into the entire notion of female empowerment through the program, publication Der Spiegel says the founders shouldn’t call their work an “emancipation project” because the men stay in control and they keep their names hidden. As the publication claims:

“It appears these future economists are simply playing the role of Casanova.”

Regardless of what the final outcome from the one-night stand project might actually be, I have to hand it to the college students for coming up with what might be the most unique way I’ve ever seen to pick up college girls with very little work required.

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