Anchorage Stole All The Snow. City Breaks 60-Year Snow Record

Snowfall in the Spring time months has helped Anchorage, Alaska break its 60-year-old season snow fall record. While much of the United States has experienced record high temperatures Anchorage has been hit with nearly double the amount of normal snow it receives in a single year.

The former record for 132.6 inches set in the winter of 1954-1955. On Saturday 3.4 inches fell in the city which pushed the seasonal total to 133.6 inches.

The snow that fell on the city on Friday was the first since mid-March when the total for the area measured 129.4 inches, that’s nearly 11 feet worth of snow in Anchorage, Alaska.

In a city use to tremendous amounts of snowfall this year was considered a headache even for Alaskan residents as city crews worked around the clock to clear roadways while haulig away 2.5 million cubic yards of snow to the city’s six large snow disposal sites which are now nearly full to capacity. To put the cities snow removal into perspective, it would nearly fill the entire volume of New Orleans’ Superdome with snow.

Snowfall became so heavy in some areas that the roofs of some older commercial buildings with flat roofs collapsed while the snow piled overtop of fences and shielded some homes completely from the street.

With roofs collapsing on several buildings professional snow removal services saw an uptick in business as residents calls to have snow removed not only from their driveways but also from the roofs of their residential properties.

While much of the United States has managed to avoid snow many tornado prone areas have witnessed double the normal amount of tornadoes they typically experience by this time of year. Apparently if you avoid the snow you could be hit with far worse consequences.

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