Gillian Anderson Is Taking Over U.S. Screens With ‘X-Files’ Reboot And Three Other Series

It’s been 13 years since Gillian Anderson’s popular run as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on The X-Files came to an end, yet with the trend-setting science fiction horror drama series set to return to TV, the 46-year old Emmy award-winner is slowly but surely making what will be a ubiquitous return to American TV screens. Once the new X-Files begins — it’s set to return on Fox TV in the winter — Anderson would be involved in no less than four TV series, according to USA Today, making her busier — at least on TV — than at any time in her acting career.

It’s not as though Anderson had been on holiday since The X-Files wrapped its 13-year run in 2002. Far from it. Though absent from American screens, she has been quite busy on the other side of the pond, — Anderson moved to London in 2002 — churning out award-winning performances, mostly on stage. In the last couple of years though, she has returned in a couple of really interesting TV shows. Indeed, Scully may have been on hiatus; Anderson has been anything but.

As reported earlier on Inquisitr, The X-Files is set to return as a six-episode event series next year, according to The Huffington Post, with Anderson teaming up once again with co-star David Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter. That report also included the first photographs of Anderson and Duchovny together on the series set in Vancouver.


In addition to The X-Files, Anderson already stars in Hannibal, a crime series in its third season on NBC, in which she plays Bedelia Du Maurier, Hannibal Lecter’s psychiatrist, a role she’s played, alongside Mads Mikkelsen, since 2013. Anderson is also set to return for a third season of BBC’s critically acclaimed The Fall — also a popular feature on Netflix — in which she plays the intriguing Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson — opposite James Dornan of Fifty Shades of Grey fame. She will feature in another BBC production, War and Peace, a miniseries that will air on Lifetime, History, and A&E, according to USA Today.


X-Files fans used to seeing Anderson as Scully in those boxy, conservative suits and 90s-style hairdo may have a hard time recognizing the new Anderson though, according to Glamour magazine. If her stunning red carpet appearances over the past ten years are anything to go by — or indeed, her sexually assertive persona on The Fall — they will have some re-adjusting to do.

Good old Scully may be back, but so is a new look Gillian Anderson.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]