How UFC 188 Champion Fabricio Werdum Won Against Cain Velasquez

UFC 188 was one of the most anticipated mixed martial arts events in recent times. With Fabrício Werdum being an Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Heavyweight Champion, a European jiu-jitsu champion, and two-time jiu-jitsu world champion, and Cain the number one heavyweight MMA champion of the world, the UFC 188 fight was no doubt going to be a clash of the titans.

And on Saturday, the UFC 188 bout went down at the Mexico City Arena. Werdum, who was initially viewed to be the UFC 188 underdog of the match, won against Cain. The Bleacher Report had also predicted a UFC 188 win in favor of Cain.

“Werdum is a tough fighter. However, none of the fighters he has seen during his five-fight win streak set a pace anywhere close to the one the champion will set. The champion’s signature pressure has crumbled every opponent he’s seen to date. He’s even avenged the only loss of his career twice. Unless the injuries that Velasquez suffered during his time away from the cage have diminished his ability to keep up that pressure for five rounds, it’s difficult to envision a new challenger holding that title at the end of the night.”

However, Werdum proved his skeptics wrong. He beat Cain Velasquez during the UFC 188 event, submitting the UFC heavyweight champion in the third round at 2:13 with a guillotine.

Delving into details about the UFC 188 fight, this is how it began.

“Both fighters refused to touch gloves and they came out swinging as Velasquez landed a leg kick and Werdum a left hand. Velasquez continued to turn up the pressure along the cage, drilling the Brazilian with punches and knees. Werdum worked his way out eventually, but Velasquez — bleeding under his eye — scored a quick takedown before letting him back to his feet.”

This is according to MMA Mania.

However, on the last UFC 188 round.

“Werdum got the action started with some nice jabs, but Velasquez wasted little time getting him down to the canvas. Velasquez eventually let him up and landed a nice head kick that backed up Werdum, but did not stop him from attempting a guillotine choke along the fence.

Velasquez escaped, but the next one he would not. As Velasquez sloppily dove in for another takedown, Werdum wrapped his arms around his throat, sat back and forced him to tap for the first time in his career.”

This made Werdum the UFC 188 champion.

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images]