WWE News: WWE Champion Seth Rollins Pays Tribute To Dusty Rhodes

Since the tragic passing of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Dusty Rhodes occurred, wrestlers and personalities from WWE’s present and past have reacted to the news in their own way. Some are tweeting about it. Others are posing long messages on their Facebook profile or Instagram page. There are those who aren’t responding at all, unless they’re in the ring. The Bionic Elbow has proved to be a popular move in his memory.

In the latest update on Dusty Rhodes’ death, he died early Wednesday morning due to numerous complications after taking a fall at his home. There are theories that the former-WWE personality hit his head, which led to the scenario taking place.

There was one name that didn’t go into detail about his relationship with Rhodes until late last night. Seth Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight champion, further commented on the passing of the American Dream on his Instagram page. His words were nothing short of exemplary.

“Hard to put into words what an honor it was to know Dusty on a personal level. If I can touch even one life the way he touched countless hearts and souls then I’ll be a lucky man. He was a true pioneer and a trailblazer, but more than that he lived life every single day. He lived it his way and he lived it with passion. He truly was The American Dream in every sense.”

Rollins’ first words about Dusty Rhodes came on Twitter a few days ago. When the Architect of the Shield won the inaugural-NXT championship, Rhodes was in the ring with him.

Just like at the WWE NXT shows that took place the last few days, the WWE talents will go into their matches with heavy hearts. At the NXT show in Pittsburgh, William Regal opened the show with the 10-bell salute to the American Dream. Each match had their own tribute to Dusty Rhodes, which left the audience with heavy hearts, as well.

Countless WWE stars tweeted about putting their performances on the line and doing it for their mentor and adored teacher. For someone in the wrestling business, Dusty Rhodes left a mark that is truly remarkable and outlets from around the world, wrestling and non-wrestling, commented on him and his grace. Seth Rollins is set to defend his WWE title against Dean Ambrose tonight at Money in the Bank, with Dusty Rhodes in his heart.

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