Sofia Vergara’s Unusual, Yet Fitting, Diet Plan, As She Preps For Her Walk Down The Aisle

Sofia Vergara has got a body that simply is a curvaceous work of art, and the Modern Family star has got the beauty to match her seemingly flawless physique. Sofia is, however, much like other to-be brides, following a strict plan in order to be sure she looks and feels her best on her wedding day — well, sort of.

Sofia Vergara is preparing to wed her beau, Joe Manganiello, and shared with E! Online in regards to her methods for being at her best physically when she walks down the aisle. The brunette beauty was sure to throw her humor and fun sarcastic side into her response to the question about how she plans to prepare for her big day, starting with, “I think I’m very sexy in general.” Sofia then went on to expand on her maintenance regimen.

“In our business, we always have to maintain. We can’t just not work out for seven months and eat chocolate all day long. I try to keep a balance because I have to look good for [her Modern Family character] Gloria and red carpets. I work out now. I used to not do it that much, but now I understand that it’s something important.”

The Daily Mail was quick to notice Vergara’s toned-looking legs while out and about on a shopping excursion, adding that “Sofia happily made shopping her cardio work[out] on Friday, as she stepped out to browse around Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, California.”

Although Vergara also is aware of how important it is to complement a steady workout schedule with healthy eating, her tactics are quite simply based on not eating so many sweets. In her witty and entertaining manner, Vergara shared in regards to her flexible diet plan that maintains her physique and her happiness.

“If I’m going to eat a whole bar of chocolate, I try not to order pizza that night. Everything in moderation. Sweets are my life. Sweets are something that I love and really make me happy.”

As for the big day, itself, Vergara shared that everything is falling into place. The 42-year-old has not revealed the date that the sure-to-be lovely event will be held, yet she has revealed that she has enlisted the assistance of a fabulous party planner to alleviate the stress that often comes when planning a wedding. This way, Vergara can focus more on looking radiant and enjoying her time with Joe before the big day.

Sofia admits to simply wanting to enjoy the whole experiencing without worrying so much about details, stating “To me, it’s not all about perfection but all about fun. Great music, great alcohol and great food.”

Well put, Sofia! There’s much to take away from this bombshell’s perspective.

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