Maroon 5’s Adam Levine ‘Constantly In Shock’ By His Long-Term Success

Maroon 5 have been all over the music news lately. There has been the obvious controversy over the poor-taste full name of their new “Summer” song, which was somewhat alleviated when more than 50,000 screaming fans turning up to their sold-out Moroccan Mawazine – the same day that their controversial song was released.

Maroon 5’s music videos have been under fire too, with controversy over the amount of flesh shown in Maroon 5’s accompanying music video for their “Summer” song, and more controversy to follow with accusations that the wedding crasher video to their “Sugar” song was staged.

During the final day of the Moroccan Mawazine Festival, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine spoke candidly about all of the recent controversies, as well as reminiscing about the early days of Maroon 5 and what the group’s success has meant to him personally, the National reported.

Maroon 5 began as Kara’s Flowers in 2002, with four of the six current members of Maroon 5 making the transition from Britpop to rock/funk/disco – and however else the music genre of Maroon 5 can be categorized. Adam Levine admitted that he was confident of his musical success in the early days, but that he now realizes it didn’t necessarily have to work out that way.

“I was very cocky and I was too ­confident when I was young that we would be successful, but where we are now is so far beyond what I thought would happen that I am very humbled by that.”

Maroon 5 seem to have spent more time in the charts than out of them, with smash hits such as “Moves like Jagger,” “One More Night,” and “This Love” hurtling Maroon 5 to superstar status.

“I am still constantly in shock. I am 36 years old and our first album came out when I was 22; to have that much success over this long in this business is astounding.”

Maroon 5 as a group have undoubtedly benefited from Adam Levine’s role as a coach on The Voice, which has kept both Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in the public eye (and ear) for years, especially when Adam Levine managed to choose and mentor the winning contestant in both 2011 and 2013.

Likening the runaway success of The Voice to that of Maroon 5, Adam Levine commented that The Voice is life-changing for the coaches as well as the contestants, though perhaps not to the same degree.

“The show is real fun and ­inspiring and it changes our lives, too. It doesn’t make all our dreams come true necessarily because we have achieved certain success already, but I did learn a lot about myself from the experience.”

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the upcoming ninth season of The Voice will continue to feature mainstay coaches Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton, and that Gwen Stefani will return as a coach for this season, taking Christina Aguilera’s place.

[Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images]