Bethesda Might Have Accidentally Leaked ‘Dishonored 2’ Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Presser

E3 press conferences are highly orchestrated affairs, so it’s no surprise developer Bethesda is hard at work rehearsing for tomorrow’s festivities. It is a surprise to see that they accidentally streamed part of the rehearsal on Twitch, which may or may not have confirmed the existence of a Dishonored 2.

The audio from the stream, posted on YouTube, is actually pretty clear. You hear the voices of two individuals, one whom has been identified as Raph Colantonio from Arkane Studios, the makers of 2012’s Dishonored. Speaking with members of Bethesda, the words Dishonored 2 are never expressly mentioned, but one can safely assume Colantonio’s presence means the existence of a sequel to the surprise steampunk/assassin hit.

Dishonored 2 has been rumored for a while now, the likelihood of it being featured at E3 in Los Angeles next week has been disputed. VG247 posted a while back the the anticipated sequel to Dishonored would not be shown at E3, and that may still hold true. While it could be announced, that doesn’t mean there will be any showcase of the game, especially with DOOM and Fallout 4 likely taking center stage.

Still, to have such a senior member from Arkane Studios on hand at Bethesda’s first ever E3 media showcase says something. And while this leak doesn’t expressly confirm the existence of Dishonored 2, if there were any odds being placed, the chances of it being announced now are a definite favorite.

Even Bethesda took the possible leak of Dishonored 2 in stride on Twitter today.

Dishonored took the gaming world by storm after it was released in 2012. The steampunk, Victorian-esque assassin game delighted fans with its gritty, dark story mixed with interesting core mechanics. Dishonored 2 is hopefully going to follow in the same footsteps as Dishonored before, expanding upon the interesting setting. What set Dishonored apart is that most assassin games rely on you eliminating your enemies with the blade, but you could go through Dishonored completely without killing a single enemy, or you could kill them in multiple ways. The choice was yours.

Whether Bethesda actually shows off Dishonored 2 (assuming it’s real) or not tomorrow night, one thing is for certain: the first ever Bethesda media showcase will definitely be a great way to kick off E3 2015 earlier than normal. The Inquisitr will be on hand at E3 starting with the likely Dishonored 2 announcement all week, so make sure to keep checking back for all your E3 2015 coverage.

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[Image via Bethesda]