Father Has Heartfelt Message About The Dangers Of Publicly Shaming Your Kids, Clip Goes Viral [Video]

Many parents have resorted to publicly shaming their children via social media as a form of punishment for bad behavior. However, the controversial disciplinary method has received mixed opinions.

While some people feel the punishment fits the crime, others have raised concerns about the long-term effects of humiliation and how children respond to it. There have been a number of unfortunate cases where children have either attempted or committed suicide following parental treatment that constitutes humiliation. Now, one father is speaking out with his opinion on public shaming.

According to the Free Thought Project, one father named Arsenio McLeod took to Facebook with a video documenting his opinion on the latest social media trend. Although McLeod’s video is quite homogeneous to a previous video of a father echoing similar sentiments, this father’s heartfelt plea has captured the attention of thousands on the social network.

The video, which was uploaded to Facebook on Friday, June 12, begins with McLeod preparing to discipline his son for bad behavior in school. He argues the perspective of parents who publicly embarrass their children. In a nutshell, McLeod feels parents are embarrassing their children because their bad behavior is an embarrassment to them. He can be seen holding a set of clippers in his hand as if he’s going to cut his son’s hair, but that’s definitely not the case. He hugs his son and makes it clear he would never resort to public shaming as a form of discipline.

“I won’t ever in my life humiliate my own DNA on social media… I’ve seen a lot of parents do that and it actually made me cry.

Humiliation can cause suicide and depression… We live in a society now where people want to record how they discipline their child… What goes on at home should stay at home.”

McLeod also slams older parents who he feels should have better judgment where parenting is concerned. At 26-years-old, McLeod has made it clear that he is mature enough to identify the dangers of public shaming and cannot understand why some parents could potentially damage their children with the seemingly harsh brand of punishment. The video has received more than 140,000 shares, and thousands of Facebook users have applauded McLeod for his statement.

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