World’s Biggest Selfie? Mexico City Wants Guinness World Record For Selfies [Video]

Want to make the world’s biggest selfie? Mexico City is apparently going to beat the United States to the punch since the nation plans on staging a major selfie event in order to claim the world Guinness record for selfies.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when an ISIS commander took a selfie, the photo allowed the U.S. Air Force to strategically bomb the location within 24 hours. While the story was amusing to hear, some believe that discussing the incident publicly was a mistake that could allow the Islamic State to manipulate the U.S. military.

Mexico City apparently has a habit of trying to break world’s biggest selfie records. In 2007, a photographer Spencer Tunick took a picture of 18,000 naked people in Mexico City’s main square, which doubled the record set in Spain. Fast-forwarding in time to 2009, Mexico’s capital city made the Guinness World Records for the largest dance ever to see Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” song, which featured 13,597 participants dancing about in horror costumes around the Revolution Monument. The year 2014 was also when Mexico’s world’s biggest selfie photo featured 40,000 people kissing for the camera in order to break the record for the world’s biggest kiss group.

The website Record Selfie discusses the plans for the world’s biggest selfie. The event has already ended this morning, but they specifically mentioned that they were trying to overthrow a record set by the United States.

“The record still in force, was recorded in the US with 2997 people. We will overcome! Demonstrate how you feel, where you are, and what you’re doing to us.”

Unfortunately for this attempt at the world’s biggest selfie, Mexico may not be too clear on exactly what record they are trying to beat. Kristen Ott, PR Manager for Guinness World Records, explained to the Global Post that “there’s no current title holder for what Mexico’s trying to do.” In May of 2015, the title for “most selfies taken simultaneously” was given to 4,296 people at Busch Stadium in St. Louis when they beat out the old record of 2,997. Still, it is possible Mexico could win a Guinness World Record for “most people tagged in a selfie.”

Of course, if they are going for just the number of people within view, then apparently this photo from France is the one to beat.

World's Biggest Selfie In France

As of this publishing, Guinness World Records has yet to announce whether or not Mexico City set the record for the world’s largest selfie. It is possible they managed to gather enough people to take over 4,296 simultaneous selfies, but even the Guinness Twitter account has not mention the event yet.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of the world’s biggest smiley.