Abused Wife Begs Police For Help With Violent Husband — So Why Won’t They Arrest Him?

“In the next 48 hours I will be locked up and you will be dead.”

These are the words Shervanda Portis’ husband reportedly said to her just days ago. Although she’s reported the ongoing abuse on numerous occasions and an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest, he’s still a free man. Shervanda feels local authorities won’t act on her behalf — until it’s too late.

According to Fox News, the Ecorse, Michigan, woman has been suffering from domestic abuse at the hands of her violent husband, Robert Portis, since October of 2014. On one particular night that month, he came home and grabbed her by the throat.

Shervanda revealed how she was forced into the basement of their home, where her husband went absolutely ballistic. He allegedly began vandalizing the area with a steel pole and breaking every window in the house. He then reportedly turned his attention back to her and began swinging the steel pole in her direction. Although she reportedly fought back, the horrific incident was so abominable that her daughters were forced intervene on her behalf to resolve the situation. After he allegedly beat his wife and vandalized their home, he fled.

Based on the damage he’d caused, she was sure the Ecorse Police Department would arrest him. They reportedly compiled evidence of the incident with pictures of a bruised and battered Shervanda, along with photos of the destruction to her home. Robert Portis is now facing charges for four felonies including assault by strangulation, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, malicious destruction of property, and domestic violence. Was he ever arrested? Surprisingly, he was not.

“The prosecutor called me and asked me if I was pressing charges, I told her yes,” she recalled. “She sent me the paperwork and told me what they were going to charge him with.”

When Fox News contacted the police department to obtain information about the case, Sgt. Cornelius Herring stated that the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office never forwarded the information, attributing the lack of communication to “some sort of disconnect.” However, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office provided documentation stating that the information was forwarded on December 23, 2014. But, after six months, Portis still has not been arrested.

According to Opposing Views, this actually isn’t Robert’s first run-in with the law. Apparently, he has a history of domestic violence — and murder. Back in 1996, Robert was charged with second-degree murder and felony possession of a firearm after he killed his sister’s boyfriend. He was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter, death by firearm intentionally pointed, and felony possession of a firearm. Now, he has arrest warrants in both Detroit and Dearborn.

Even with his criminal history and current arrest warrants, neither law enforcement agency has arrested him. Now, it has been reported that Shervanda’s greatest fear has been realized. Robert has resurfaced. On June 9, Shervanda was cornered outside her home while taking out the trash.

“He had that same look in his eyes,” she said. “He started tearing up the basement breaking glass tables everything says he was going to kill me.”

Once again, she claims he grabbed her by the neck and forced her into the house. During their tussle, the phone accidentally called Shervanda’s mother, who heard the entire conversation. She contacted the Ecorse Police Department again, sure her husband would be arrested. However, he was only given a warning and told not to return. But, he did return – 10 minutes later. The police department is reportedly less than half a mile from Shervanda’s home, but no officers were available at the time. Following this last incident, Shervanda revealed he began making threats via text message.

“In the next 48 hours I will be locked up and you will be dead,” Robert reportedly said.

Shervanda fears the law enforcement agency won’t take initiative until its too late.

“Right now I’m scared, I don’t know what he’s capable of,” she said. “I don’t want to take any chances. I just want to do what I have to do, to protect myself.”

[Image via Fox News Screen Capture]

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