Jenna Jameson’s Judaism Conversion Is ‘Good For The Jews,’ Not Just Fiance Lior Britton?

The idea of Jenna Jameson’s Judaism conversion has invited controversy since some claim the wedding to fiance Lior Britton seems ridiculous, considering the history of the adult film star. Jewish feminists are apparently outraged to have such a notable figure like Jameson joining the fold, but not everyone agrees that having a Jewish Jenna is bad for the religion. Ruthie Blum is an American-Israeli journalist and a former features editor of the Jerusalem Post, and she discussed whether Jenna was “beyond redemption” as seems to be commonly held.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the prospect of Jenna Jameson’s Jewish conversion has some fans scoffing.

Speaking on Voice Of Israel, Mottle Wolfe spoke to Blum about the newest story to hit the Jewish scene. Wolfe says the story “touched his heart” since he recalls listening to Jameson on the Howard Stern Show. They discussed how Jenna has been sharing this journey by showing Twitter photos of her Shabbat celebration in addition to discussing different ways her change in religion has affected her.

While Wolfe was focused on the spiritual aspects of Jenna Jameson’s Judaism conversion, Blum just wants to know what Jenna brings to the table from a political perspective. She was concerned that Jenna might criticize the state of Israel, but when Blum was informed that Jameson does not like President Barack Obama, she recanted, “Then I love her.” What amazed Wolfe was the nasty comments which followed the announcement of Jenna Jameson’s Jewish conversion. He says his feminist friends have been criticizing Jameson, but he believes it is possible that a Jewish Jenna is “good for the jews.”

“Here is a woman in her 40’s now and she is saying, ‘You know what? Real life, being connected to real life, has to do with connecting with meaning and depth and relevance. I think it’s great and I’m in my 40’s and I think this is a time where we experience what is really important and I give her that credit. I don’t know if she’s honest or sincere but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.”

Blum claims that credit must be given to Jenna Jameson’s fiance for being willing to marry someone who has sex on camera for a living. The subject of the adult film star’s retirement came up, although that is controversial in of itself.

“I made a promise to my children when they were in my tummy that there is no way I could ever, ever, ever go back,” Jameson said at the time, according to Business Insider.

Five years after retiring, Jenna had her home foreclosed upon despite websites about her net worth declaring her a millionaire. Jenna eventually came out of retirement for a time in 2013, although she claimed her motivation was “taking care of my family and having fun and meeting all my fans.” But by marrying diamond giant Lior Britton it would seem her financial woes are over via a wedding.

Referring to this history, Wolfe then made the point blunt by saying that since Jameson is a porn star, it then follows that she’s beyond redemption. Blum disagrees that is the reason why feminists are upset, noting that if Jenna had been jail then that would be forgivable. Instead, the American-Israeli journalist believes it’s all about the sex and how Jewish women are insulted that Jewish men like these skinny, blonde women.

Regardless of that prospect, Wolfe made a point of openly supporting Jenna Jameson’s Judaism conversion. He believes it’s possible Britton sees her as much more than just the “queen of porn,” and applauds her for joining a culture that respects and elevates women.

“Who we were yesterday does not define who we are today,” he said.

In order to make this point clear, Wolfe compared Jenna to Joshua’s wife, Rahab, who was a Canaanite prostitute that was spared from Jericho. In a similar manner, Jenna’s conversion can lead to a “life of wholeness and peace.”

Based upon this premise, the haters are reminded that welcoming the convert is an important aspect of their beliefs. Wolfe suggests that perhaps Jenna should adopt the Jewish name of Rahab in order to drive this point home.

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