Sniper Shoots Suspect Involved In Dallas Police Headquarters Attack

A suspect involved in the Dallas police headquarters attack Saturday morning has been shot by a sniper, according to the Dallas police chief.

According to the Associated Press, Police Chief David Brown told reporters the suspect was shot by an officer Saturday morning while hiding in a van in a parking lot in the Dallas suburb of Hutchins.

According to CNN, a bomb tech robot is being used “to try and confirm whether the suspect is deceased.”

Brown said the man identified himself as James Boulware and said he was angry at police because they were at fault for losing custody of his son by “accusing him of being a terrorist.”

According to the report, Brown told police he had explosives in the van.

Investigators believe Brown acted alone in the attack on Dallas police headquarters, despite earlier witness reports that others may have been involved.

“(Police) believe this suspect meant to kill officers and took time to discharge that weapon multiple times to accomplish.”

Police reportedly recovered two explosive devices near the building.

The standoff between Brown and Dallas officers began around 12:30 a.m. Saturday after shots were fired on police headquarters located in the southern part of Dallas.

A SWAT team attempted to negotiate with Brown before the the sniper shot Boulware.

CNN reports the suspect “would get angry (and) rant” until, “at some point, negotiations just ceased… on his end,” according to Brown.

“We don’t yet know motive,” the chief added, noting that the suspect’s identity has not been confirmed despite having identified himself.

The investigation continues on the attack on the Dallas police headquarters.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

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