IMAX Wants To Make ‘The Walking Dead’ Bigger And Scarier

IMAX would like to bring AMC’s The Walking Dead to their theaters since their foray into television shows earlier this year with HBO’s Game of Thrones went so well. Could you imagine seeing The Walking Dead’s walkers on a giant IMAX screen? Imagine how intense the experience would be? According to the Hollywood Reporter, IMAX’s Senior VP and CEO Greg Foster said it is this sort of epic event they are looking for in potential television series they are hoping to bring to life on their larger than life screens.

“We’ll be looking for more content like Game of Thrones. A high bar to kind of strive for would be The Walking Dead, and we have had conversations with our pals at the AMC network about that. We’re not doing anything yet, but that’s something we’d like to do. And we’re looking for more epic content that’s in line with the IMAX experience to help fill some… gaps.”

IMAX tentatively dipped their toe into this new arena when they aired two episodes from HBO’s Game of Thrones. They chose the last two episodes from Season 4 (the episodes “Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children”) as well as a special designed sneak peek into Season 5 of Game of Thrones. With this small scale screening, IMAX discovered audiences were eager to view their favorite television shows on the enormous IMAX screens.

But, they have to be careful with their programming choices since IMAX lends itself to blockbuster and action-packed programming. It doesn’t really get more epic and action-packed than The Walking Dead — and IMAX knows it. While IMAX is looking to score a deal with AMC and The Walking Dead (and by an extension, potentially AMC’s new Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead), nothing is set in stone yet. But it seems they are very eager to get The Walking Dead on board with their new TV series IMAX runs.

IMAX announced their intention to veer into the TV market at the company’s recent investor’s day presentation. As yet it is unclear if HBO will return to IMAX with Game of Thrones or if the IMAX TV events will be short runs of only a few episodes of each television show selected. IMAX is a “technique of widescreen cinematography which produces an image approximately ten times larger than that from standard 35 mm film.”

Would you like to see AMC’s The Walking Dead on IMAX? Which Walking Dead episodes do you think would translate well onto IMAX? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: AMC]