Kansas Mega Millions Lottery Winner Claims $218.6 Million Prize

While Mirlande Wilson looks for her “misplaced” winning lottery ticket, a person in Kansas has come forward to claim their prize. The identity of the Mega Millions winner was not revealed but Kansas lottery officials said that they would be holding a press conference today at 4:30.

CNN reports that lottery winners in Kansas can choose to remain anonymous so the identity of the winner may remain secret.

The Kansas winner is the first to come forward with a winning ticket. The other two winners, in Maryland and Illinois, have not come forward with a ticket. Mirlande Wilson said that she won the Mega Millions lottery but Wilson recently said that she misplaced her ticket.

Wilson said:

“I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet… I’m still looking everywhere to find it, in my purse, everywhere.”

Carole Everett, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Lottery, said:

“She claims she won… She can’t produce a ticket… In our opinion, until they walk in that door, hold that ticket, produce valid identification and our security people can process and validate it, doesn’t matter.”

The $656 million jackpot will be split by the three winners. Each winner is entitled to about $218 million (before taxes). If the Kansas winner decides to take a lump sum, they’ll walk away with about $105 million.

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