‘Bloody’ Children In Pictures: Controversial Pictures Of Children By Photographer Are Discussed On ‘The Talk’

Bloody children in pictures were a topic of discussion on Friday’s episode of The Talk. The co-hosts were talking about whether or not the images that depict children in dark, disturbing scenes were artistic or offensive.

According to the photographer’s Facebook page, Locked Illusions Photographic Artistry “specializes in artistic goth, dark art and fantasy themed photographic art.” Props, makeup, and other effects are used to make the photos. In some of the photos, kids look like they’re part of a murder scene or are young zombies.

In addition to the gothic art that Bentine brings to the table, her work “strives to create a photographic art piece unique to each client. She never shoots or styles any photo theme again once it has been done keeping it unique, special and very original to that family. Her commissioned pieces made specifically for her clients will never be resold to anyone else.”

The Talk posted their topic of discussion on Twitter. Several commenters had their own opinions about the images of bloody children in pictures

“Brit’s an artist. The parent and model I met loved doing the shoot. It’s not for everyone and neither are Lamgorghinis,” one wrote.

“It’s offensive children are sweet and beautiful this photography makes them look scary and unhealthy! #everybodytalks,” another chimed in.

“How’s it any different than children on TV? Aside from the fact that TV kids get paid. Its not hurting anyone…,” one remarked.

A number of people on the Twitter feed said they’re familiar with Brit Bentine’s work and that she’s great with children. Furthermore, the children apparently enjoy the photography sessions.

See more of Brit Bentine’s photos that are getting so much attention right now on Locked Illusions’ Facebook page.

As Sara Gilbert pointed out during The Talk, other photographers have made news for their controversial art when it comes to children. Besides the bloody children seen in pictures by Locked Illusions, Gilbert said Sally Mann had shot photos of her family in a book called “Immediate Family.” In the photos that some found disturbing, her own three children posed in the nude for many of them. Her work is in the collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Modern Art. More about Mann and her vision can be read at the New York Times.

Another photographer Gilbert highlighted on controversy surrounding photos of children was Diane Arbus. She famously took a photo of a little boy holding a toy hand grenade. It’s called “Child with Toy Hand Grenade,” and was taken in 1962.

Gilbert didn’t leave out photos taken by Jill Greenberg, who wasn’t against having candy or other goodies taken away from children for the reaction she wanted in photos, which was usually distress and crying.

What do you think of the bloody children in pictures topic that was brought up on The Talk? Is it art or offensive?

[Photo Credit: Locked Illusions Photography Facebook Page]

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