Denver Broncos Rumors: Tension Could Be Brewing With Peyton Manning

The Denver Broncos are facing rumors of tension in the locker room, with reports that quarterback Peyton Manning is unhappy with how the team is treating one of his favorite targets.

The Broncos have yet to complete a contract extension for Demaryius Thomas, one of Manning’s top receivers during his tenure. The stalemate is reportedly getting the future Hall of Fame quarterback a bit upset.

The rumor comes as Peyton Manning has offered his public support of the team’s offensive changes. The quarterback said he is on board with new head coach Gary Kubiak and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, and said he’s putting in a lot of work to learn his role in the new plan.

“We’re learning; I’m learning. But I’m committed and I’m all-in on trying to make any adjustments that I have to, (and) at the same time trying to do some of the things that I’ve done well, and hopefully keep doing those things well, and improve on things that I need to improve on,” Manning said.

Manning, who flirted with the thought of retirement this offseason, said he feels energized by the new system.

“I’m going to tell you one thing I am not: I am not bored in the least bit. I am stimulated by studying. I feel like I’m engaged in trying to learn something new from Gary Kubiak [and] Rick Dennison and learn a little something new from Owen Daniels. Any time somebody has a question of me, I’m glad to answer that, about a route from Owen or James Casey. That’s been the truth.

“Changes, instead of being stymied by any type of change, be stimulated by them. That’s been true for me, and that’s been a real positive, to tell you the truth.”

But the rumors of unrest among the Denver Broncos strike at a difficult time. At age 39, Manning is in the very tail end of his career, and so far he has yet to deliver the Super Bowl title many fans thought he would bring when joining the team in 2012. The team likely has only a small window left to compete for a title, and unrest between Manning and team management comes at a time when competition for the AFC Title is fierce.

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