Peyton Manning Says He’s ‘Committed’ To The Denver Broncos’ New Offense

Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback, is rolling with the changes the team is making in their offense with new coach Gary Kubiak and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Manning, who is returning for his 18th season in the NFL, fourth with the Broncos, is focusing on learning the changes in the team’s offense. Declining to comment on whether he likes the changes or not, Peyton says his opinion isn’t what the story should be about. The star football player is working hard during this week’s minicamp practices and is fully committing to taking on the new challenges he will face when the season begins.

“We’re learning; I’m learning. But I’m committed and I’m all-in on trying to make any adjustments that I have to, (and) at the same time trying to do some of the things that I’ve done well, and hopefully keep doing those things well, and improve on things that I need to improve on,” Peyton said.

Many thought Peyton Manning wouldn’t be able to continue playing football after neck pain and arm weakness caused Peyton to seek out surgery to alleviate the pain. Peyton’s injuries combined with his age were a concern for the Indianapolis Colts, and they released Manning from his contract. Surprising his doubters, Peyton recovered after missing the 2011 season and signed with the Denver Broncos.

Known for his strong work ethic, and arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen, it isn’t any wonder that on the Denver Broncos’ official website Manning says he’s against the continued use of “older” as a way to describe him and suggests a Twitter contest to find a better synonym.

“Y’all keep using that word a lot,” Peyton said. “There’s got to be a synonym out there.”

So, what are the new changes in offense coming up for Peyton Manning and the Broncos? Kubiak and Dennison’s goals include running the ball more effectively and more often. Manning says learning this new system from both Kubiak and Dennison has been beneficial to his career.

“I think everybody likes continuity and some consistency in what you’re doing, but I will say that at age 36 when I got here, now 39, I have been stimulated by the changes, which I do think keeps you engaged and energetic and focused in meetings.”

Peyton Manning also says he’s spoken to football players before who have felt like they might stop playing due to monotony or boredom, though they felt great physically. Manning declares he isn’t bored in the least, however.

“I’m going to tell you one thing I am not: I am not bored in the least bit. I am stimulated by studying. I feel like I’m engaged in trying to learn something new from Gary Kubiak [and] Rick Dennison and learn a little something new from Owen Daniels. Any time somebody has a question of me, I’m glad to answer that, about a route from Owen or James Casey. That’s been the truth.

“Changes, instead of being stymied by any type of change, be stimulated by them. That’s been true for me, and that’s been a real positive, to tell you the truth.”

How do you think Peyton Manning will fare this coming season?

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]