Nigel Dalton, Convicted Child Molester, Very Upset That Prison Amenities Are Not To His Liking

Back in January, convicted child molester Nigel Dalton was sent to prison for what a judge in Liverpool, England, called “disgusting a perverted” sexual offenses against a little girl starting when the victim was just 9-years-old and continuing for five years.

And as horrible as Dalton’s crimes were in that case, they were far from his first offense. In fact, Dalton’s record shows that he is a serial child molester.

In 2010, he was convicted of sexual abuse against an 8-year-old girl and her friend, tempting them with McDonald’s meals and candy, and in turn forcing the little girls to play what were described as “sex games” and to perform sexual acts on him.

In 2013, he was convicted of abusing a 9-year-old girl after befriending the girl’s mother as she was breaking up with her husband. Dalton has also broken the court order that prohibits him from having any contact with children several times.

He was already serving a 35-month sentence in Liverpool’s Walton Prison for one of his previous child molesting convictions when the judge slammed him with 11 more years for offenses he committed in the early 2000s.

The sentence was the maximum allowed under British guidelines, but the judge made a point of telling Dalton, “Believe me, if I could have jailed you for life I would have.”

But now Dalton says that he’s unhappy in prison because it is not up to the standards of a hotel. In fact, Dalton wrote in an article for the inmates magazine Inside Time, if indeed the prison were a hotel, “it would be closed down within a week.”

“Most of our televisions are unwatchable as they have booming, distorted sound,” the convicted pedophile griped.

He also complained the showers in the prison were recently shut down due to lack of hot water.

“It seems that the general public, led by the tabloid press, think that prisons are like hotels while politicians lie about the fact that our prisons are in crisis,” the child molester complained.

To be fair, some of his gripes were more serious. He alleged that medical attention was not regularly available to ill prisoners and that some areas of the prison have no running water at all.

But not surprisingly, the mother of one Nigel Dalton’s victims was left unimpressed.

“It makes me hurt knowing he is in prison and he is now complaining about it after what he did to my daughter,” the woman, whose identity was not revealed in order to guard the identity of the victim of Nigel Dalton. “I am struggling to pay bills and working, yet he is comfortable in prison but still complaining.”

The Nigel Dalton controversy in England comes as the United States deals with the debate over the admitted child molestation incidents by TV personality Josh Duggar.

[Image: Police Handout]

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