Spoil Yourself: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is Back, Cast Reveals Season 3 Spoilers

For Orange is the New Black binge-watchers, one episode is not enough to quell their OITNB hunger after a year of inactivity. Netflix surprised everyone today by releasing the premiere episode of Orange is the New Black earlier, but fans are still unsatisfied.

To calm the restless tide of millions of OITNB fans, the cast of Orange is the New Black revealed a few spoilers to look out for in the whole run of Orange is the New Black season 3.

One of the biggest reveals, of course, of the newest season of Orange is the New Black is Stella Carlin, the newest prisoner at Litchfield. Played by DJ, model, and actress Ruby Rose, Stella Carlin is reported to bring a lot of tension to the series, creating a love triangle between herself, Alex Vause, and Piper Chapman.

In other spoiler news, Orange is the New Black character Big Boo (played by Lea DeLaria) gets some interesting developments in season 3. DeLaria tells E! Online that she is going to get a major prison makeover. This makeover is definitely connected to news that her character on Orange is the New Black will finally get some flashback in season 3. A lot of characters in the series already got their fair share of backstory and it’s only high time Big Boo gets her own.

Big Boo gets a makeover
Big Boo gets a makeover. Image via E! Online

iDigitalTimes stumbled onto the set of Orange is the New Black and found an artificial 80s environment in the taping. iDigitalTimes predict that the set was shooting a Big Boo flashback where she is taken by her parents to meet a young teenage boy. There are also rumors that Big Boo might get killed in the series, much like Orange is the New Black character Tricia Miller who got her backstory and overdosed on drugs in one season. We hope this is not the case but still, something to look forward to in this season.

Selenis Leyva, actress behind Orange is the New Black Character Gloria, also tells E! Online that there might be a war brewing in Litchfield. The prison will be divided into two camps—Team Sophia and Team Gloria—and that there will be some major bickering to occur.

These two mama bears, there definitely is a fight. They’re both frustrated and we’re going to see that frustration play itself out. And perhaps we’re both using each other as punching bags for our fears, our sadness and our frustrations.”

The actress behind crazy cellphone-loving Orange is the New black character Blanca Flores also spills some beans about what to expect in season 3. Laura Gomez tells International Business Times that viewers will definitely see more of Blanca in season 3, compared to her appearances in seasons 1 and 2.

She also confirms that character Pornstache will not be appearing in season 3—although, his mother will be coming into Litchfield, and there will be some interesting developments regarding the birth of Daya’s baby.

Promos have also revealed that there will be a heavier spiritual hand in season 3. Gomez shared that the religious theme will have a pretty fair share in the storyline but not too much that the season could be labeled as a “spiritual season” per se.

This spiritual change is especially true for OITNB character Taystee, who will be undergoing some character developments in response to the death of Vee, her mother in the series. Actress behind Taystee’s character, Danielle Brooks, tells E! Online that there will be changes in her character.

Taystee is really trying to figure out how to live life without her mother, regardless of how evil or bad she was in her life. So she’s trying to figure that out and she’s having to call on faith.”

Orange is the New Black season 3 is now showing on Netflix.

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