‘OITNB’ Season 3 Gets Early Release From Netflix Jail, New Episodes Now Streaming

Orange is the New Black fans got time off for good behavior Thursday afternoon when Netflix released Season 3 of the show a day ahead of schedule. It’s been a year since fans of OITNB had any contact with the women of Litchfield Prison, and judging by the Twitter response, there will be a lot of OITNB binge watching and tears of joy tonight.

While many were surprised with the early release of OITNB Season 3, some might recall Netflix “accidentally” releasing House of Cards for a few hours ahead of schedule earlier in February.

So what does Season 3 of OITNB entail? Here’s what we know so far.


– Laura Prepon returns as half of the OITNB prison power couple known as Alex and Piper and will have more screen time during Season 3. Jason Biggs as Piper’s jilted OITNB fiance will not.

– Season 3 brings newcomers Mary Steenburgen as Pornstache’s mother and Ruby Rose as
new inmate Stella to the OITNB cast.

– Season 3 of OITNB has 12 episodes, so if you’re a really committed OITNB fan, you could conceivably binge watch through one day and spend the next year pouting as you wait for OITNB Season 4.

– According to the cast of OITNB, if you thought you cried during Season 2, you better double up on tissues for Season 3.

– Problems outside the prison walls will be affecting the OITNB inmates. According to an interview with Danielle Brooks, a.k.a. Taystee, the prisoners will suffer at the hands of cutbacks to the prison budget. OITNB fans undoubtedly have to wonder what that means for a pregnant Daya or mentally ill Crazy Eyes.

Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series based on the autobiography of the same name by author Piper Kerman. Nominated for multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, OITNB follows the stories of various women inmates at Litchfield Prison as they serve time and struggle with relationships both inside and outside of the prison while delving into the pasts that brought them there.

But why are you here reading this? You could be on Netflix watching Season 3 of OITNB right now!

[Image via Netflix]