Indiana Dad Says He Threw Baby In Trash

The search for missing Indiana baby Janna Rivera has taken authorities to a landfill where they’ve discovered a blanket possibly belonging to the infant. That’s not the only new development in this tragic case. Someone claiming to be the father of the missing baby has taken to social media to attempt to explain himself, after he admitted to police that he threw his baby into a dumpster. WISH News 8 reports that the mother of the missing child has identified a blanket found at a landfill, indicating that authorities may be close to finding her, but will they be successful?

Janna’s father Jeff Fairbanks reportedly admitted to police that he disposed of his infant daughter’s dead body by driving around and finding a dumpster in which to put her. However, he has not been charged with any crime at this time. Any charges — if there are any — may come later after the body of the missing Indiana infant is found. Meanwhile, the public is outraged that the father has not only been allowed to go free, but that he’s evidently taken to social media to comment publicly on media stories covering this case.

In a series of comments on an NBC News 13 article, someone claiming to be Jeff Fairbanks attempted to explain himself to an angry public who demands answers.

“What I did was horrible, afterwards, but, I did not hurt my baby. I loved her, and, she was one of the most loved children I have. She was gone when I awoke, and the detectives know that. They had the scenario figured before I even told them. They may charge me, but I did NOT hurt her, and, have nothing to do with her death. It’s bad enough, that people judge me because of what I did to her remains, but, to say I murdered my child, is completely out of line. I lost my wife over this, and, I knew she would be devastated, which is only one reason why I flipped my lid, when I made the discovery. I am hiding nothing, to do with her death, and have cooperated as much as I can with the authorities.”

Even though the Indiana man attempted to defend himself, numerous people commented that his story to police made no sense. Fairbanks reportedly told police that he discovered his daughter dead when he woke up on the day she vanished (two weeks ago). He told police that he panicked and changed her diaper — not having an explanation for why. He confessed to driving the baby’s body in his vehicle until he found a dumpster. Since then, the search for her remains has focused on a landfill, where her blanket was recently found.

Is Jeff Fairbanks lying about what happened to baby Janna?

Photo: Indianapolis Metro Police mugshot/handout

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