Escaped Prisoners Scent Picked Up By Bloodhounds In Cadyville, New York

The manhunt for the two escaped prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility has led police to the small town of Cadyville, New York, on Thursday. A law enforcement official commented about this new lead.

“At the moment it’s our No. 1 lead. We are aggressively investigating this area based on the lead that was developed.”

Bloodhounds picked up on the escaped prisoners scent, and potential signs that the escaped prisoners slept in the woods was found in Cadyville, which is approximately five miles southeast of the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Ed Dubray, a resident of Cadyville and a retired correctional officer at the Clinton Correctional Facility, just wants the escaped prisoners caught soon.

“I wish they’d catch the guys. There’s people in danger obviously. I’m a little leery about what’s going on, certainly on my property and my family, just like everybody is I’m sure.”

The small town has been overrun by police due to the latest developments. Officers shut down roads, police helicopters patrolled the sky, flash bang grenades were exploding and heavily armed officers searched the woods.

It is clear that law enforcement is following up on every lead and leaving no stone unturned. Governor Andrew Cuomo commented on the search for the escaped prisoners.

“We’re following every tip, that’s all I can say. Look – They could either be 4 miles from the prison or they could be in Mexico, you just don’t know.”

On Wednesday, officials announced that the manhunt was going to be expanding into Vermont. It is thought that the two men wanted to go to Vermont because they felt Vermont had a smaller police presence. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin wants to make sure that everyone is aware how dangerous the escaped prisoners are.

“These are bad guys. They will do whatever it takes to maintain their freedom and if that means harming you, that won’t bother them much.”

Along with the ground investigation, officials are still investigating if the two escaped prisoners had help from inside the prison. The person of interest in this part of the investigation is Joyce Mitchell. Mitchell works at the tailor shop in the Clinton Correction Facility. The same place where the escaped prisoners worked. Investigators are trying to determine if Mitchell was supposed to drive the two escaped prisoners away after their prison break. Mitchell was being examined at a hospital for a panic attack on the night of the escape.

[Image via Seth Wenig/Associated Press]

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