Campaign suspended: ‘Run Warren Run’ Campaign Suspends Operations June 8

The “Run Warren Run” campaign has suspended operations, but are still claiming victory.

Raw Story is reporting that though the campaigns never did convince the person at the heart of the campaign, Senator Elizabeth Warren, to run for president, the “Run Warren Run” campaign, suspended though it may be, feels like it has performed a valuable service.

Liberal groups like and Democracy For America started the “Run Warren Run” campaign as a response to the many democrats who do not think frontrunner Hillary Clinton truly represents the democratic party. Warren, a rising progressive star, won many fans with her populist messages and her consistent wrestling with Wall Street.

But Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, and Charles Chamberlain, political director at Democracy for America, conceded defeat on Tuesday.

“There’s no sugar-coating it: We didn’t achieve our central goal.”

The “Run Warren Run” campaign made an effort to try to woo Warren into the presidential race. The campaign group hired volunteers in New Hampshire and Iowa, created three field offices and hired nine full-time organizers.

Now that the “Run Warren Run” campaign has suspended operations, the campaign now has only one last duty to perform. The group will deliver the petition containing more than 365,000 signatures asking Warren to run for president to Warren herself. When that task is completed, will formally mark the campaign suspended.

According to Bustle, the campaign is claiming victory in the fact that “Senator Warren’s agenda and message have transformed the American political landscape.”

The PAC is, however, holding out hope for some sort of change.

“Senator Warren has heard our case, and she declined to run. We respect her decision,” Sheyman and Chamberlain write. They added that if Warren reconsiders in the future, the “Run Warren Run” campaign will “regroup at a moment’s notice.”

The “Run Warren Run” group is also claiming that many planks that the democrats originally left off the platform have, because of their due diligence, been reviewed and returned to the platform. Clinton now agrees with Warren that the “game is rigged.” Candidate Bernie Sanders is performing surprising well for being considered less “middle-of-the-road.” The last democratic candidate, Martin O’Malley, wants to break up the big banks and rid Wall Street of criminals.

Since it doesn’t look like Warren will change her mind, and all facets of the campaign suspended, any followers can follow Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley. Sanders would seem to be the beneficiary of the PAC’s efforts, since Sanders and Warren align themselves as democratic socialists.

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