‘Basketball Wives LA’ Season 4: Jackie Dogs Divorced Malaysia — Tami Roman Asks About Lesbians [Video]

Season 4 of Basketball Wives LA is back with a new episode. The below video snippet, called “Malaysia is Back,” was posted to the VH1 website on June 10. Already, the video has gained more than 7,000 views and is displaying the drama that’s in store for the season.

First off, Malaysia Pargo is shown in the aftermath of her fallen marriage, opening up to Jackie Christie about her fears of finding love again. She cries, asking Jackie what man will want her with her children in tow.

“Who’s gonna want a woman with three kids?!”

Later, Jackie turns her kindness around, doing one of the worst things that can be done to someone who opens up to them: use their vulnerable moments against them. Malaysia can be seen getting angry when Jackie starts dissing her for not having a man.

“That’s why you don’t got no f****** man.”

Malaysia hollers out for security, asking for Jackie to be thrown out of the room.

“Escort this b**** out!”

It’s not only Malaysia and Jackie who are bringing the drama to the newest season of Basketball Wives LA.

Tami Roman also makes an appearance on the reality TV show. As reported by the Inquisitr, Roman has already brought the fireworks to Marriage Boot Camp: Celebrity Edition, where she’s gotten into heated arguments with Kendra Wilkinson.

A long-time reality TV show participant since her days on the Real World, Tami now joins the women on Basketball Wives LA for their fourth season and has already brought controversy by asking the women a bunch of questions. In the below teaser video from VH1, Tami can be seen asking Malaysia and Brandi if they are closer than best friends.

“Are y’all lesbians?”

Malaysia returns for a new season of Basketball Wives LA. Season 4 starts Sunday, July 12 at 9/8C on VH1.

Apparently, VH1 is looking for a way to make their new season of Basketball Wives LA just as interesting and relevant without the basketball wives flying across tables and tossing champagne bottles and punching each other in the eyes.

“You’re not going to get far if you can’t handle confrontation with this group of girls.”

But don’t count on things being completely milquetoast. After all, as some of the women of Los Angeles who’ve appeared on the show have put it — they were fighting so their families could eat. Audiences and sponsors came against the violence displayed.

[Image via VH1]