Celebrity Workout Secrets: Barry’s Bootcamp Keeps Stars In Shape

Barry’s Bootcamp, a famous workout boutique, may be responsible for the toned physiques you’ve seen on your favorite stars lately. It seems that the boot camp, with several locations across the nation, has quite a stellar reputation among numerous celebrities.

People reports that Jason Biggs, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ruth Wilson were all spotted last month at the Barry’s Bootcamp facilities in New York, but according to celebrity trainer Joey Gonzalez, Barry’s Bootcamp is not just another fad. Celebrities have been relying on the boutique’s high-powered workouts since its doors opened in 1998.

Jake Gyllenhall

Although it’s been around for over a decade helping celebrities stay fit, Gonzalez explains that it’s gotten more exposure after adding more locations. Currently, there are Barry’s Bootcamp boutiques in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee. The company also opened locations overseas and now have two boutiques in London.

Why, of all places, are celebrities turning to Barry’s Bootcamp? According to Gonzalez, it’s a place where they see can results after other places failed them.

“Barry’s is a results-driven workout. It’s for people who are totally serious about getting in shape and are frustrated with having tried things that just don’t work.”

Both cardio exercises and strength training are encouraged, says Gonzalez. By changing back and forth from cardio to strength training, anyone can see optimal results if they stick with it.

“Cardio absolutely helps people get into shape. Aside from burning fat, it strengthens your heart and your lungs. The other 30 minutes is true strength training. You’re building lean muscle tissue and raising the resting metabolic rate so you’ll burn extra calories throughout the day.”

Barry’s Bootcamp — open to all people, not just celebrities — has a regime for everyone, regardless of fitness level. Gonzalez states that exercises are tailored specifically to each person’s unique needs.

“No matter who you are or what sort of background you come from, there’s a place for you. We’ll have one class with someone who is 60 lbs. overweight and right next to that person will be an Ironman triathlete, and next to that person might be someone in their 60s who can’t run and just walks on the treadmill. It really is for all age ranges, all body types, all levels of fitness.”

Steve Turner, 27, an ad sales representative in New York, is among the many non-celebrity members of the workout center. A few years ago, he stated that the regime provided by Barry’s Bootcamp really pushes him to do his best.

“The teachers really know how to push you. It’s a fun workout, and I like the energy and atmosphere.”

New Kids on the Block fans may have notice a chiseled Joey Mcintyre during their current Main Event tour shows. The “Please Don’t Go Girl” singer credits his iron abs and strong endurance to none other than Barry’s Bootcamp.

Earlier this year, pop singer Ellie Goulding made an appearance at the Barry’s Bootcamp Miami Beach boutique, where she worked out to her favorite songs with other members. She also explained that the popular boot camp focuses a lot on running, an exercise she finds highly effective.

“To me, Barry’s really focuses on running. I’ve done a lot of workouts, a lot of cardio but… specifically I really like running.”

Other celebrities who’ve relied on Barry’s Bootcamp for fitness goals include Bradley Cooper, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Ripa, and Carrie Underwood.

However, according to Georgia State University’s Professor of Exercise Science, Walter Thompson, the benefits of Barry’s Bootcamp exercises aren’t necessarily worth the money you have to pay to get them. Thompson indicates that while the trainers and the atmosphere may motivate people more, it doesn’t mean they are getting a better workout than others.

“The boutiques don’t necessarily give you a better workout. They’re great if they keep you motivated, but that motivation wanes after a while because the activity eventually becomes the same old thing. People like a variety of exercise. If you get tired of kickboxing, you can do Zumba.”

Regardless, Barry’s Bootcamp seems to be the “it” place for celebrities to work out. If you want to join yourself, you can expect to pay around $20 to $34 per session, depending on the location.

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