Christina Aguilera Confirmed For ‘The Voice’ Season 10 Despite Quit Rumors

Christina Aguilera may be taking a break as a judge from the hit talent competition, The Voice — however, once reports surfaced yesterday confirming that Gwen Stefani would be taking Aguilera’s place on Season 9 of the show, fans have begun to worry that Aguilera may not be returning to the red chair anytime soon.

Us Weekly reports that it was announced Wednesday that Stefani would be returning to the show as a replacement for Aguilera, who served as one of the original judges for the hit series, alongside season regulars Adam Levine and Blake Shelton and newcomer, Pharrell.

Stefani has served as a fill-in for Aguilera for Season 7, alternating with Shakira as she works on new music.

Host of the NBC series, Carson Daly, revealed to the site that the lineup for The Voice often changes due to conflicting tour schedules with some of the judges, or in the case of Aguilera, conflicting family matters.

“These guys tour. They’re not TV people—they’re musicians first. We knew that they have to tour around the world and so, unlike other shows, we’ve always known that we’re going to have the revolving chairs. When we can get Usher and Gwen in the mix with these guys, it’s been great.”

However, Daly admits that network execs were nervous about switching in Shakira for Aguilera for fear that fans would become frustrated with the changing lineup.

“I think we were scared by it at first because, you know, whenever there was a panel change at [American] Idol or another show I think the public thought that meant there was trouble in paradise. We always felt like we had A-list artists who need to tour. We actually liked fresh blood; we thought it changed up each season. We’re on twice a year too, so it just changes things up a little bit, and look at what we’re gotten!”

Despite rumors that suggested Aguilera was finished with The Voice altogether, Christina’s rep spoke to Gossip Cop and revealed that Aguilera “doesn’t do back-to-back seasons,” however, assured fans that Aguilera is “confirmed” to return for Season 10, much to the excitement of fans.

Aguilera previously took off two consecutive seasons of The Voice in order to record new music and expand her family, and returned for Season 8 alongside Pharrell, Levine, and Shelton.

While Levine and Shelton are the only coaches to have appeared on all eight seasons so far, Christina’s rep noted that she has taken off the odd numbered seasons, with Sharika and Stefani filling-in for Aguilera as needed. However, Aguilera’s rep insisted that the songstress is “excited” to return for the show’s highly anticipated tenth season.

The new season of The Voice airs in September.

Are you excited for Christina Aguilera’s return to the series?

[Image: Getty Images / Angela Weiss]