‘Fight Valley’: How Far Will One Woman Go To Avenge Her Sister’s Death?

UFC fans will be excited to know that a new film, titled Fight Valley, is in the works, and will star several female MMA fighters.

Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, and Cris Cyborg have already been confirmed for the project, which is scheduled to start production this summer (from August 12 to September 1), and is tentatively set to be released on Thanksgiving.

The film is not a Fight Club remake, despite what others may say, and has a unique approach to women fighters and the concept of “sisterly love.”

“The film is certainly not a Brad Pitt, Fight Club type of film,” Fight Valley’s writer/director Rob Hawk said in an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr. “Maybe there is a hint of it only because of the illegal fighting. This is actually a film about ‘sisterly love.’ ”

“What makes it [Fight Valley] unique is that we are recognizing the power and determination of women in today’s society,” Hawk explained. “Too many fight films usually cater to groups of men or actors who are trained to become fighters. Don’t get me wrong.”

“Films like Tough Enough, Rocky, Bloodsport, and films based around the sport of boxing or MMA usually cater to the men. What if Rocky was redone, but with females? Can you envision it? Same lines, same story, but switch the characters to females? With the UFC female division growing more and more in the headlines daily, we wanted to be the first to introduce an all female screenplay while implementing real fighters as well. Let’s change the game here.”

While Hawk says he loves the movie Fight Club, he explains that it is simply not his screenplay. He actually got the inspiration for the story line from two 1983 films — The Outsiders and Tough Enough.

“I love Fight Club. It’s not a bad comparison. It’s just not my screenplay. Not our story line,” he said. “My love for the film The Outsiders in 1983, and Tough Enough also in 1983 [inspired the movie]. Mix them two together and you have Fight Valley.”

Fight Valley is an action-filled movie, showing how far one woman will go to avenge her sister’s death. Hawk described the plot, noting that the ending will not be what anyone expects.

“Two sisters who are split apart by a divorce. One lives with mom. One lives with dad. Tory Coro lives with dad. She gets involved in some street fights to make extra cash. She ends up getting herself killed. Her sister Windsor Coro, whom lives upstate NY with mom, comes to town to find out what really happened to her as the police come up with no leads. All they know is she was found in a wooded area, beaten pretty bad.

Windsor soon realizes that her sister was killed in a fight for money, and finds herself caught up in a world nothing like back home. Torts friends, the knock around girls take Windsor in and help her begin her investigation. Once things get heated up, the girls find themselves literally on the ground in a pool of blood.

Miesha Tate (Jabs) steps in to save her life. Jabs tells her. I’m not training you to win. I’m training you to survive. You’re gonna hurt, You’re gonna bleed, You’re gonna cry. And every time you tell me ‘No’ or ‘I can’t’ I’m going to punch you in the face. Windsor, now in the hands of Jabs, begins her journey to unravel the truth, and follow her sister’s path through the neighborhood, into the same circle where her sister Tory died. The ending of this film is not what anyone thinks it will be. Not even close.”

“The only impression I want to make is a great film, no matter what platform it hits,” Hawk replied, when asked what kind of impression he hoped to make with the movie. “We are shooting for the big release, but no one is going to be crying over a straight to video either. I see a lot of people making comments about straight to video. Hey, if that’s where it ends up, that’s where it ends up. As long as we have a great time, make a great quality film, and obtain global distribution. We did our job.”

Not only does Rob hope to make a great movie, he is also hoping to help others in the process. His father was paralyzed after undergoing brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and his mother is dying from breast cancer. Because of this, Hawk will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from the film to cancer research so that he can help save other people’s mothers and fathers.

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