Cris Cyborg Calls Ronda Rousey A ‘Really Lonely And Unhappy Soul’

If the boxing industry has the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, UFC has the Cyborg-Rousey match. Since Rousey has stepped into UFC, many feel that the only woman who can defeat her is Brazilian fighter Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Talks of their monumental match have been going on for three years already, but while the two have not yet agreed to a fight, they are busy taking jabs at each other through vicious insults.

Just yesterday, Justino took to Facebook to send a message to Rousey after the UFC women’s bantamweight champion blasted her in an interview. Justino then proceeded to criticize Rousey’s physical appearance from her Facebook.

“She is world champion in the UFC and has the same grumpy face no matter what picture you see of her. In almost every interview she gives she’s talking bad about people whether it is me, Meisha Tate, the Ring Card Girls or an Ex Boyfriend and the only time she ever says anything good about someone is when she is talking about herself…lol…I’m sure even she doesn’t really believe she’s got the best ass in MMA.”

In her lengthy post, Justino also expressed her opinion as to why Rousey will only agree to fight with her at 135 lbs.

“… because when she loses to me she will lose her whole identity, when the cameras aren’t around and everyone has gone home, I think she’s just a really lonely-unhappy soul, and that’s a sad way to live your life.”

This lengthy post on social media is Justino’s response to Rousey’s media attack, when she talked recently in an interview with Howard Stern. The UFC fighter classified Justino as “one of those people where it’s just all ‘roids and muscle and no technique.” She then recalled Justino’s fight against Gina Carano in 2009 saying that she isn’t impressed with the Brazilian fighter’s first-round TKO win. She gave a further review of Justino’s skill.

“She tried to throw her and pulled mount twice. Her technique just sucks and she just manhandles her way out of it… She just had a Muay Thai fight and got dropped six times. She has no chin at all.”

She also claimed that the real reason why Justino is not committing to a fight is because the Brazilian fighter is afraid. Rousey told Stern, “What she wants is enough money that she could take a loss for it.”

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