This Couple Will Get A Divorce If Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalized

A couple from Australia is not happy about same-sex marriage and really don’t want anything to do with it. Actually, the couple, who has been happily married for 10 years, is planning on getting divorced if marriage equality becomes legal in Australia.

The Christian couple of Nick Jensen and his wife, Sarah, feel that strongly about marriage equality being wrong that divorce may be their only option. This was made perfectly clear in his op-ed piece for the Canberra City-News.

“My wife and I, as a matter of conscience, refuse to recognize the government’s regulation of marriage if its definition includes the solemnization of same sex couples.”

Obviously, Jensen and his wife don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage if same-sex couples will be legally allowed to be a part of it. They state that marriage is “the union of a man and a woman before a community in the sight of God.”

The couple does have children and their marriage is a happy one. The problem they have is the Australian government would be nullifying their marriage contract if they legally allow marriage equality.

Gay Star News reports that a lot of backlash has come the way of Nick and Sarah Jensen over his written opinion piece. Now, he goes on to say that he isn’t a bigot and his views don’t come from that direction.

“This has been a big decision for my wife and I. Some will accuse of us being bigoted or too hateful to share. But this couldn’t be further from our intentions. The truth is, ‘marriage’ is simply too important. It is a sacred institution, ordained by God … Any attempt to change the definition of marriage by law is not something in which we are able to partake.”

Nick Jensen works for the Lachlan Macquarie Internship, and firmly believes that marriage is a gift of the church, not the state. Jensen doesn’t think that the government should be able to change that and allow for same-sex couples to take part in something given by God.

By the government changing the meaning of marriage, Jensen says it would become “meaningless.” With that, he and his wife would find no reason to stay married, but they would stay together, live together, and still be in love.

“When we signed that official-looking marriage certificate 10 years ago at Tuggeranong Baptist Church, we understood that the state was endorsing marriage, as currently defined, as the fundamental social institution – with all that this implied.

But if this is no longer the case, then we no longer wish to be associated with this new definition. Marriage is sacred and what is truly ‘marriage’ will only ever be what it has always been.”

The couple that is willing to get divorced if same-sex marriage is legalized is taking a stand for what they believe in. The legalization of marriage equality is not something that Nick and Sarah Jensen believe is sacred and feel their marriage would mean nothing if the government changed the meaning of it. Backlash is coming their way, but there are also numerous others who support their stance.

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