Nicki Minaj Blows Up Twitter: ‘Enough With The Pity Party’ To Safaree [Video]

Nicki Minaj blew up Twitter after her ex, Safaree Samuels, who goes by the stage name Scaff Beezy, released a new single about his 12-year relationship with Minaj. Nicki’s reaction? “Enough with the pity party” is what she tweeted out to Samuels.

The single, titled “Love The Most,” chronicles the rise and fall of the 12-year relationship and heartbreak between Minaj and Samuels. In his new song, Scaff fires at Nicki: “You ain’t do it all alone. We took ourselves up out the hood. Yeah, we made it on the rise. Ain’t no green in my eyes. ‘Cause we both went to sleep in the same bed of lies.”

In the single, he poses the question, “Why do people you love the most always want to hurt you?”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Samuels released the brutally honest auto-tuned single Wednesday, but it’s not the first time he’s publicly sucker-punched Nicki with accusations of cheating and treating him like dirt. In a January, 2015, interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Safaree described his relationship with Nicki as “like an employee, instead of like her man.”

Minaj, in a hot retaliation to the public dissection of her relationship with Samuels, exploded on Twitter late Wednesday night and into early Thursday morning about the new single, starting her tirade with “Don’t make me do this,” and telling Scaff “enough with the pity party. Just live your life.”

She fired back at Safaree’s accusations of cheating, posting “Lesson: don’t cheat on a loyal woman. God will punish u. When he does, tell people the truth. The truth may set u free. Love. Always.” Nicki Minaj has since deleted some of her tweets.

The messages also accused Scaff Beezy of lying. In a flurry of anger, Nicki tweeted “Took a person with me to fame & fortune. These dudes leave their girl in the hood. Tell ppl the truth or you will b doomed,” Minaj promised, reports the New York Daily News.

Now in a very public relationship with MMG rapper Meek Mill, Nicki, who will star in the upcoming film Barbershop 3, seems very over her ex, tweeting “and just for the record, I’m in love with meek” and “Lol and now I have a huge smile on my face,” according to Design & Trend.

Nicki Minaj had one final message for Samuels before returning to plugging her new role in the upcoming film: “Making a 12 yr relationship work at such young ages? We’re BOTH the real MVP. things got rocky at the end but we had a GREAT run. #B4Ujudge.”

[Image Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images]