Deep Blue: Massive Great White Shark Found Off Guadalupe Island [Video]

Deep Blue is a massive great white shark that was found off Guadalupe Island. The great white shark is more than 20-feet-long and is believed to be at least 50-years-old. The underwater video footage taken by divers is thought to have captured one of the largest great whites ever caught on film.

The great white shark now known as Deep Blue will be featured in a Discovery Channel documentary in August. The diving researchers tagged the massive sea creature during the encounter.

One of the divers reportedly eased outside of the protective cage and became “dangerously close” to the great white shark and touched one of her fins. The female shark was reportedly pregnant during the rare sighting. She also had significant scarring on her body, making her highly recognizable for tracking purposes.

It is explained during the Discovery Channel documentary that the vertical slashes on Deep Blue’s left flank could be the result of mating or from wounds sustained during fights with sharks. The massive great white shark also reportedly has a “large, gaping hole” on her right trunk, and both her tail and dorsal fin appear to be damaged and scraped.

After Deep Blue was tagged by the divers, she led them to a colony of elephant seals. The seals are a common entrée for the gigantic sharks.

Each year, “shark enthusiasts” and divers travel to Guadalupe Island to catch a glimpse of the great whites that inhabit the area. Fall is reportedly the best time to shark watch on the island.

A video of Deep Blue has gone viral and attacked more than 3 million views to date. Great white sharks routinely grow to about 15-feet-long and are largest predatory fish on the planet. Massive great whites like the star of the upcoming Discovery Channel documentary typically weigh about 5,000 pounds.

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