Bodies Found On Interstate-10: Remains Of Two Teen Females Recovered From U.S. I-10 In Less Than A Week

In less than a week, the bodies of two females have been found on Interstate-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana. According to, 16-year-old Kaylan Ward’s remains were found on an Interstate-10 overpass in New Orleans East at approximately 6:30 a.m on the morning of Thursday, June 4.

Then, on the morning of June 10, the body of Jasilas Wright, 19, was found on another Interstate-10 overpass just west of Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie, approximately 17.5 miles from the place where Ward’s remains were discovered. In both cases, drivers initially reported what they thought was a dead dog or debris, but state troopers soon discovered that definitely wasn’t the case.

According to WAFB, the preliminary cause of death for both Wright and Ward is “multiple blunt traumatic injuries.” However, since these injuries were the result of being hit by “multiple” cars, investigators are still working to determine the series of events that may have taken place prior to their deaths. Wright’s body parts were reportedly scattered along a 100-yard radius. In Ward’s case, she was found on the shoulder of the road. Although she reportedly suffered similar blunt force trauma, Fox 8 Live reports that the details which led to her death have not been determined.

The shocking similarities in their deaths, which occurred in such a short period of time, have raised speculation about a possible connection between the two women. However, law enforcement officials with the Louisiana State Police stated that no connection appears to be evident, reports NOLA. Other than where their remains were found, it has been reported that no other similarities have been cited thus far. However, the notion has not been eliminated.

“There are no other similarities, so far,” said Trooper Melissa Matey, the spokeswoman for state police. “We have not correlated the two together. But we’re not ruling that out, either.”

The shocking deaths of both girls have ignited a social media firestorm. According to Hip Hop Wired, a series of speculative memes have been shared via Instagram and Twitter. One, in particular, alleges that Ward was raped, shot, and dismembered. The origin of the fabricated story is unknown. However, there is a possibility the story may have derived from investigative findings in Wright’s case.

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Nick Manale with the Louisiana State Police released a statement about the preliminary findings based on where Ward’s body was found.

“Where the initial impact occurred doesn’t appear to be a place where pedestrians would cross the interstate,” said Manale. “It is on the elevated portion of the interstate and investigation is in its early stages. It doesn’t appear to be a pedestrian, but we’re not ruling that out. We’re looking at all possibilities here.”

Although investigators have yet to confirm or deny any of the rumors, Ward’s mother, Kenisha Martin-Nelson, speculates that her daughter was murdered.

“I will not stop until I get answers,” she said. “This will not become a cold case because I will not allow it… Someone took my daughter, and they hurt her. Someone knows what happened.”

No further details have been released in reference to either case. The investigation is ongoing.

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