‘Destiny’ Prison Of Elders: Gulrot, Unclean Strategy Guide

The Gulrot, Unclean encounter in Destiny's Prison of Elders features a large angry Ogre with indigestion problems that has been summoned by the Cult of the Worm. This guide was put together to help PlayStation and Xbox players understand the mechanics and beat the boss to earn the Level 32 and Level 34 Prison of Elders rewards while he is around.

Note that this guide is only for the boss encounter. Please check out the Prison of Elders General Strategy Guide for tips on how to get through the first four rounds of any encounter.


Gulrot spawns in the pool area in the back of the map. The hook with the Ogre boss is that he's got a bad case of indigestion that not even Pepto-Bismal will solve. As a result, you will see a "Gulrot's stomach gurgles and churns" message appear on screen every couple of minutes. This causes the beast to belch bile through the room which puts a "Slowed" debuff on the three Guardians for 10 seconds. Movement is almost non-existent. You can only inch around a little bit, but you can still turn around and aim normally.

The minions in the encounter include a heavy mix of Major (yellow-bar) and regular Hive. The biggest concern is going to be the Wizards and their Solar shields.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Gultrot, Unclean (PlayStation, Xbox)
Even if you can't get in a Titan's bubble, the left room in the Hive map offers plenty of cover while Gulrot's belch slows you down.

Team Makeup

This is one Prison of Elders encounter where a Defender Titan is a big help, but not necessary, to complete. A Bladedancer Hunter's invisibility helps as well. The rest of the team make-up is really not a concern beyond what you need to get through the first four rounds. Even then, this has proven to be a comparatively easy Prison of Elders run.


As mentioned before, the Hive Wizards are the biggest concern so you'll want two or more Solar weapon options to deal with them. At least one team member should have a shotgun to deal with close encounters while snipers and rockets launchers are the order of the day for everyone else. Icebreaker and Black Hammer are excellent along with Gjallarhorn and Hunger of Crota, which should be your top picks for rocket launcher. Your best Solar rocket launcher should be available if you have neither of those.

Destiny Prison of Elders - Gultrot, Unclean (PlayStation, Xbox)
The "Worm Keeper" Wizards are top of the list to be taken out.

Primary Strategy

The strategy for Gurlot is straightforward whether you have a team full of Gjallarhorns or not. The entire fireteam should move to the two rooms on the left side of the map and begin clearing as many minions as they can, with the Wizards and Knights taking highest priority.

When you see the "Gulrot's stomach gurgles and churns" appear on screen, the Titan on the team should pop their Ward of Dawn bubble and everyone should get inside. If there is no Titan on the team, take cover behind the pillars and tanks that are in the two left rooms. If you are a Bladedancer Hunter, going invisible by kneeling, using Blink Strike, or using your Super will keep you safe as well.

In between the "Slowed" debuff instances, have at least two team members focus their fire on Gulrot. Aim for the sack in his belly with a sniper rifle or primary weapon. You may want to save rockets for the Wizard Majors. The third fireteam member should be on minion-clearing duty with special attention on Wizard Majors. They are the most dangerous as they sometimes aggressively rush the room and sometimes just sit outside and throw down a poison cloud in the room.

[Images via Bungie, Destiny in-game]