Mitt Romney Says Obama Spent Too Much Time At Harvard…But So Did He

Harrisburg, Pa. – Mitt Romney was speaking at a roof top event in Harrisburg Pennsylvania when he made a very odd statement about President Obama. Romney said that President Obama “spent too much time at Harvard University” which is an apparent jab at his liberal tendencies and trying to call him an academic snob.

While this is an attack that is heard kind of often among Republican circles it is odd for Romney because he also went to Harvard University, and spent a year more than Obama did there.

Romney enrolled in a four-year program at Harvard in 1971, eventually earning a joint JD and MBA and graduating cum laude in 1975. In 1988, Obama began attending Harvard Law School. He spent three years there, eventually becoming president of the Harvard Law Review before graduating magna cum laude and receiving his JD in 1991.

So to sum it up, Romney spent four years there and Obama spent three years there. Even more ironic is that Obama graduated with a better GPA than Romney did.

Analysts are chocking this one up to yet another strange gaffe coming from the Romney campaign. Romney has often tried to present President Obama as an elitist, but talk about a really bad case of the pot and the kettle.

Mitt Romney went to the same college as President Obama, has made hundred’s of millions of dollars more than President Obama, has worked in Venture Capital preying on weak companies (yet something else that Obama never did), yet he is calling President Obama an Elitist?

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