Why Defense Of Duggars Will Come Back To Haunt FOX News And Conservatives Everywhere [Opinion]

There are few crimes on this Earth uglier than the sexual violation of a child. It’s a scenario that doesn’t mesh with the wholesome, pure, fundamentalist Christian vibe that we’ve gotten from the Duggar family all these years.

However, there they are with their blatant hypocrisy, and refusing to truly own any of it. We now know that Josh Duggar sexually abused at least five different girls as a teen and that his youngest victim was about five. It was an incident that was covered up by his parents for years and even now they are quite possibly still covering for him.

Even if this disgusts me personally, I am at least willing to say that their behavior isn’t shocking; he is their son. And they strike me as a family that has little qualms about protecting the admitted child molester in their family at the expense of any and every young girl in their family. As such, I was only mildly surprised to learn about the ongoing investigation by the Arkansas Department of Human Services — and the Duggars’ lack of cooperation.

But I feel like a certain segment of the American public does not fully comprehend the serious nature of this situation. Nor do they appreciate that this is not “us vs. them” fodder. The Duggar scandal is born of the family’s own actions and inactions; it is not a partisan agenda hatched by the “gotcha liberal media”.

The safety of children and the acknowledgment of wrongdoing are things that are not partisan. If for you, these only come to mind when the perpetrator is a Democrat or liberal, and it gives you an excuse to bash Obama, there is something very wrong with you.

Just like there’s something very wrong with Fox News. This news organization likes to call itself “fair and balanced,” and yet Fox did not stand up for the victims in this situation. They didn’t call out the Duggars for their lies. It was also not Josh Duggar the network brought on TV to answer for himself, but his victims. Jill and Jessa were practically forced to apologize on behalf of their brother, Josh.

Fox News and their audience have deluded themselves into thinking that this is yet ANOTHER issue they can twist into a “liberal agenda” and pretend that THAT group over there hates morality and Jesus. That led to a bunch of people hopping on the internet and speaking in defense of the Duggars. More disturbingly, all too often these ultraconservative “God-fearing” Duggar fans would downplay the seriousness of child rape and forced incest.

There’s no way of knowing how the ongoing investigation will turn out, so let us look at how things stand at this very moment.

We all know Josh Duggar sexually violated multiple girls, his sisters’ doors were locked as a preventative measure, and that his parents Jim Bob and Michelle lied about and covered up his behavior. We also know that while this dreadful secret lay at the back of the Duggar family closet, they used child molestation and rape of women as a plausible threat represented by the LGBT community.

These people are liars who treat Christianity as a “get out of jail free” card to keep from having to own their ugly behavior. At the same time, they use religion as a tool to condemn and slander anyone they do not approve of.

I say this to FOX News, Mike Huckabee, and any other conservative Americans who have propped these people up in the past: There is still another shoe due to drop. And I suspect when it hits the ground, there is going to be quite a bit of backpedaling.

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