New ‘Spectre’ Trailer Teases Plenty Of Action For James Bond

The latest teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, Spectre, has been released, and the minute-long clip reveals a film heavy on action, as well as a few seeming nods to classic 007 films.

The extended TV spot for Spectre debuted last night (June 9) during an NBA Finals game between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, according to Cinemablend. It begins like the first Spectre trailer, but quickly reveals more of the action involved in the film, including a car chase featuring an Aston Martin DB10 equipped with rear-facing flamethrowers.

In the Spectre teaser, we see Daniel Craig as Bond, fighting his way through a variety of situations. Bond takes on Hinx, the henchman played by Dave Bautista, and dashes through a crowded Day of the Dead celebration. Agent 007 can also be seen stealing a plane while being shot at, and eventually crashing that same plane into the snow. All of this is seemingly precipitated by a charred photograph recovered from the ruins of Bond’s family home, following the climactic events of Skyfall.

Spectre seems set to explore some of the background behind Bond’s early years, though just how much remains to be seen. In the first Spectre teaser and the new TV spot, Christoph Waltz’s character sits cloaked in shadow at the head of a table full of executives, welcoming Bond and telling him “It’s been a long time.” The cumulative effect is to imply that Waltz is playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a classic Bond villain who headed the original SPECTRE. Despite the film’s logo and the appearance of a SPECTRE ring in the new TV spot, Waltz insists that he is playing a villain named Oberhauser, as the Inquisitr previously reported. 007 fans, however, remain skeptical.

Though the new footage reveals little more of the plot of Spectre, fans do get a look at new Bond girl Monica Bellucci, as the Mirror points out. Mr. White also appears in the new footage (as he did in the first Spectre trailer), leaving fans to wonder how Quantum, the villainous organization featured in Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, may relate to the SPECTRE of classic Bond films.

Fans have little time to wait until these questions are answered, however, as Spectre is set for release on November 6.

[Photo by Sony via Christian Today]