MH370 Search Is A ‘Goose Chase’ That Will End This Year, Emirates CEO Tim Clark Says

The CEO of one of the world’s largest airlines has claimed that the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is a “goose chase” which will be called off later this year.

Tim Clark, president of Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, made the comments to the Sydney Morning Herald while at an airline industry conference in Miami on Tuesday. Comparing the hunt for MH370 to the search for Amelia Earhart, Clark asserted that it will end later this year, after funding expires and the missing plane still hasn’t been found.

“I think it is only a question of time before the search is abandoned,” he said. “Do we have solutions? Do we have explanations? Cause? Reasons? No. It has sent us down a goose chase. It will be an Amelia Earhart repetition.”

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been ongoing since the plane disappeared during a trip between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on March 8, 2014, carrying 239 people. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the search for MH370 is being conducted in the Southern Ocean off the shores of Western Australia. Though the search area was doubled in April to 120,000 square kilometers, the governments of Australia, Malaysia, and China have agreed that it will not be expanded further if no trace of MH370 is found.

On Wednesday, the Australia Transportation Safety Bureau issued an operational update on the search for MH370, as NBC News reports. The agency related that one of the specialized search vessels had been damaged by giant waves, and asserted that severe weather conditions were hampering operations.

Clark has been outspoken in the past regarding the loss of MH370, publicly calling for new systems that prevent airplane transponders from being turned off. He has also questioned why MH370 was not tracked for a longer period of time by military radar, a stance that has led to him receiving numerous letters from the families of victims, as well as conspiracy theorists and interested parties who assert that the satellite tracking data regarding MH370 is flawed.

“I’m not going to say anything about what I think happened,” Clark asserted. “It remains an unresolved mystery. Somebody knows more about this than they are prepared to say. That is all I’m going to say.”

Despite his reference to the search as a “goose chase,” Clark also pointed out that he feels sympathetic to the families who lost loved ones aboard MH370, noting that they cannot move on without closure.

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