Green-Haired Eyewitness Gives Colorful Recount Of Car Accident, Clip Goes Viral [Video]

A green-haired eyewitness’ account of a recent car accident involving a Jackson Police Department officer has gone viral.

According to WLBT, the horrific accident took place on June 8. JPD Public Information Officer Colendula Green was driving her patrol car when she was plowed by a van that was being chased by a Jackson State University campus police car. A number of witnesses were interviewed by the local news station. One woman gave an account for the written report.

“He was thrown from the drivers seat to the passenger seat and his head hit the window and his head shattered his passenger seat window,” one witness said. “The police officer and whoever it was they ran.”

However, the live coverage has sparked a media firestorm via Facebook. A green-haired eyewitness, who has been identified by Facebook users as Courtney, gave a colorful account of the accident that led to the 10-year officer’s head injury.

“The officer got behind the man and started going so fast his car spinned out of control. Girl, he hit the pole!”

The video, which was initially uploaded to the news station’s website, was labeled a “Must See Video.” However, it didn’t reach the masses until it was uploaded to Facebook.

“We now have a better idea exactly how the wreck happened thanks to a MUST-SEE description from a person who claims to have witnessed the whole thing,” the Facebook description reads.

In less than four hours, the green-haired eyewitness has received more than 1.5 million views. Over 90,000 Facebook users have reshared Courtney’s detailed interpretation of the accident. But, surprisingly, it appears Courtney isn’t a stranger to the camera.

According to Gawker, his full name Courntney Barnes and he’s actually appeared on So You Think You Can Dance numerous times, including a recent episode that aired two episodes ago. Although his distinctive eyebrows are formed slightly different, you can still tell it’s him!

Here’s a clip from the show via YouTube:

Although some have criticized Courtney’s recount of the accident, most have actually agreed the “green-haired eyewitness” gave “the perfect interpretation!”

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]

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