‘Heroes Reborn’ Has Huge Cast, But Some Of Your Favorites Won’t Be Back

Heroes Reborn will be making its way to living rooms around the country in the fall, and while many of your favorite Heroes characters will be on the show, quite a few will not be. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, and Zachary Quinto will not be on the miniseries, which is a reboot of a show that was once fantastic.

Although Heroes lost its luster in a major way somewhere during its third season, many fans didn’t want the show to end. It has been five years since the series finale aired on NBC, and while many are skeptical about this spinoff, some are excited to see if it will bring back the excitement and mystery of those first two original seasons.

Heroes Reborn will feature some of your favorite Heroes characters, however, even if the cheerleader and Sylar won’t be taking part. Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Cristine Rose have all joined the cast, and will reprise their roles for the next chapter. Several actors new to Heroes have also signed on including Zachary Levi and Ryan Guzman, and many look forward to getting to know them, and seeing how they interact with the rest of the cast.

“Everybody who’s coming back has been in the press. We have a cadre of characters from the previous that will make appearances—some bigger than others, some just in a cameo way. It will be an interesting use of the older characters,” said creator Tim Kring.

As far as what the show is going to be about, it’s going to be a lot more of the same: Ordinary people waking up one day to realize that they are actually extraordinary, and that their talents can help save the world.

“With the return of Heroes Reborn, NBC will launch a digital series prior to the premiere that will introduce new characters and storylines that will take the Heroes phenomenon to new places. NBC’s digital platforms, as well as Hulu and video-on-demand, will debut the online prequel to the series prior to the show’s premiere,” reads the description on the show’s NBC page.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is a lot of doubt surrounding the success of this show, but if it’s done right, it could bring fans back to an incredible place.

Heroes Reborn will air on Thursday nights for 13 weeks. As of now, there is no plan to make this into a series that will return for a second season. However, ratings could change that. Will you be tuning in?

[Photo via NBCUniversal]